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Call for Papers and Photo Essays  SHODHOTSAV 2022 National Young Researchers Conference  1-3 June 2022


 A Research Festival  Researching [in] the Pandemic

Paper Presentations | Photo Essay Exhibition

Workshops :

  • 20 May 2022 : Ethics of Research
  • 27 May 2022 : Academic Writing

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Research in social science and humanities has acquired a wholly new dimension and meaning in the context of the COVID pandemic. Each research area and their fundamental questions needs to be revisited with new insights and implications, centering our research in/on the Pandemic. Such a reflective exercise is unavoidable while researching rural society, urban life and sustainability, technology, health and immunity, digital and business innovations, online platform-based work, public institutions, pedagogy and learning, cultural and behavioral changes, historical gaze and in countless other areas. Hardly any research question has remained untouched by the Pandemic.

Along with this aspect of ‘researching [in] the pandemic’ is important, it is equally critical to engage with ‘research(er) in the pandemic’. Researchers are coping hard with the consequences and limitations posed by the Pandemic. From the question of accessing the ‘field’, analyzing the finding, the changing or broadening the ‘subject’ of research, accessing archives, the researcher is faced with multi-dimensional challenges with regard to the use of method. What kind of experiments and innovations have the researchers undertaken in their attempt to grapple with and understand this ‘exceptional moment’ in human history? It is in such critical junctures that new methods of research evolve which may even help in comprehending the ‘old questions’ in newer and better frameworks.

While the effects of the Pandemic are overwhelming on the times we live in and have created many discontinuities, many pre-existing challenges and contradictions of society continue to persist and therefore still remain important research areas across disciplines. It is through these continuities and discontinuities that research agendas and ecosystems are being shaped now. To reflect on these varied aspects of research in social science and humanities, Bharat Ratna Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University Delhi is organizing the ‘Shodhotsav’ Young Researchers Conference with the theme ‘Researching [in] the Pandemic’ on 1-3 June, 2022.

Papers are invited in the areas of business and management, development studies, economics, education, global studies, history, human ecology, legal studies, mathematics, sociology, urban studies, gender studies, etc.- the list of areas is non-exhaustive. Submissions of abstracts should be done by 20 May 2022. Selected abstract will be notified by 25 May 2022. Follow the link for details on submissions: https://linktr.ee/shodhotsav2022.

Paper presentations will generally take place on campus, though arrangements will be in place in case some scholars aren’t able to present in person. Dr. BR Ambedkar University Delhi will make arrangements for tea, refreshments and other conference related logistics. However, scholars will have to bear expenses of travel and stay at Delhi and there aren’t any bursaries available to reimburse these expenses.