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AUD School of Vocational Studies is conducting WEBINAR ON Digital Technology for TVET: Possibilities & Challenges

Date: Friday, 29th May, 2020 Time: 11:00 am- 2:30 pm .

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Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted nearly every aspect of life. People across the globe are adopting new means and are shifting their businesses to digital or the online technology to help them weather the crisis and prepare for new ways of operating and serving customers. Same is the case with the education sector as all the educational institutions are closed globally, teachers have started to adopt new ways of teaching-learning processes through digital platforms in a synchronous and asynchronous learning situations. In the Indian context, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programmes at all levels, particularly in higher education sector are also faced with a huge challenge of adopting to the new form of teaching-learning pedagogy using digital technologies. Some have already re-oriented themselves in switching to online teaching mode (in the form of emergency remote teaching). Besides the loss of face to face learning, the pandemic situation has also curtailed the possibilities of the much needed industry internship focusing on the hands-on training on a specific job role as outlined in the National Skill Qualifications Framework (NSQF), which has raised many concerns amongst the industries and academia, Therefore, currently the most pressing need with the Skill and Vocational Education and Training programmes is to quickly adapt itself to the digital environments. A transition from real live face-to-face system within the four walls of classroom/industry laboratories to digital/online situation or in some cases blended learning approach would be apt to meet with the emergent needs of this sector. Some countries have already transitioned in providing technical and theoretical content, where support is offered live and online using digital technologies. Further, innovative practices include simulated environments and live recordings captured for work-based learning. Few education institutions have started working on improving assessments of workplace performance virtually and changing exams modalities and/or shifting exams online, which have traditionally taken place in
physical spaces. This can also be innovatively channelized to promote and provide niche for individual and independent exploration and learning for students through some kind of handholding and guidance by the faculty. It is in this context the proposed webinar on „Digital Technology for TVET: Possibilities & Challenges‟ is being planned. The objective of this webinar is to share innovative ideas, practices of exploring the effective ways and means to overcome the effects of the COVID-19 crisis on vocational and skill education programmes. The webinar is also aimed at preparing the students and teachers for the need to change and adapt to the new work environment. This webinar will also explore various possibilities, issues and challenges while we adopt digital technologies for organizing effective teaching-learning process for the students and make them job ready in a contemporary world.
The broad objectives of the webinar are to:

  • Explore strategies for innovative practices using digital technologies as an alternative pedagogical process for vocational and skill development programmes in India.
  • Possible use of innovative approaches to ensure smooth recovery in vocational education and skills development sector using digital platforms for imparting hands-on training in the context of TVET.
  • Identify various infrastructural requirements and need for attitudinal changes among teachers and students and various other possible challenges, issues and limitations while switching to digital mode of teaching-learning processes in specific to skill and vocational education programmes.

Themes of the Webinar:
Following Four broad themes have been identified for the Webinar:

  • Understanding perspectives of using digital technologies for TVET
  • Synchronous learning in the digital platforms from the practitioner‟s experience for vocational and skill development programmes
  • Using digital tools for hands-on experiences- the stakeholders‟ perspectives
  • Challenges in using Digital technology for vocational education and skill development

The resource persons and participants for the webinar are drawn from the field of technology, academia from university sector, industry experts, policy makers, students and research scholars, etc.
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