AUD Events

AUD Events

Event Date :- 19-April-2023
Event Time :-
Venue :- Qutab Institutional Area campus

Educational Visit to National Science Centre, Delhi

The School of Heritage Research & Management, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University, organized an educational visit to the National Science Centre, Pragati Maidan, Delhi, on 19th April 2023, under Dr Anand Burdhan.

The Science Centre has aided in developing technical minds, and the younger generation has significantly benefited. It’s a fascinating location that rationally and engagingly discusses science. The Science Centre is mainly famous for its Heritage Gallery. As far as technology is concerned, the Nehru Science Centre of Mumbai is much more advanced. Many objects on display are related to modern astronomy, astrophysics, and the latest development in the field of science. What is unique about the science center based in Delhi is that it has focused on the heritage of Indian sciences. It is a panorama of architecture, and this is to provide orientation. Suppose someone wants to understand the essence of Indian architecture. Architectural features of the temple and stupa are displayed here as live-size fiber models.

Two types of dioramas are used in the heritage gallery of the science center.

1. Walkthrough

2. 3D Dioramas

The museum display is planned while keeping light, sound, visuals, and smell in consideration. The museum display is for multi-sensory engagement. These are the essential aspects of museum display. The collection of the heritage gallery is divided into two parts: Visual & Pictorial modalities and Descriptive panels. The installation of touchscreen facilities ensures that the visitors can gather information about the displayed objects.

The heritage gallery moves with time, and the display architecture keeps changing to show the architectural development. The visit ended with the students and teacher discussing the center and its galleries, followed by clicking a group photograph. Thus, the visit successfully fulfilled its aim of imparting scientific knowledge and its relationship with heritage to the students. Following are the pictures taken during the visit