Language Cell

Language Cell

Language is a core component of all our undergraduate programs. While the medium of instruction at University is English, we have been encouraging students from different linguistic backgrounds to apply for admission to the undergraduate, postgraduate and research programmes at University 

At present under Language Cell, we run the Language Buddy programme to support first year undergraduate students through a peer mentoring model where second and third year UG students work collaboratively with first year UG students on English language skills. Ever year students apply to become language buddies. Through a rigorous process buddies are selected for each academic year.

The selected buddies attend orientation workshops in the last week of July which focus on questioning their beliefs, assumptions and attitudes about learning English. Activities are conducted to discuss ways to break stereotypes and to celebrate a multicultural environment. Workshops also include discussions around reading and writing strategies in which the language buddies reflect on their own writing assignments to explore writing skills and strategies. The sessions also focus on grammar teaching, error correction, giving feedback and use of technology to facilitate independent learning all of which are expected to have direct implications for their peer mentoring situations.

Each buddy is assigned 3-4 UG students. The buddies work closely on the following aspects:

  • Writing portfolio, an integral part of the EPC course
  • Reading texts and writing assignments from discipline courses
  • Leisure reading, learning using smart phones, watching videos and online tutorials

The buddies also organize movie screenings and language game sessions throughout the academic year.

At the end of the academic year language buddies receive certificates and are often remunerated through the Earn while you Learn scheme of the University for their work.

Students who have been part this programme have reported that the buddy programme creates a non-threatening space for mutual learning and supports student integration into academic life at University.Students have reported that their confidence to converse in English has increased and they now feel more comfortable in an English medium environment. EPC teachers in both campuses coordinate and sustain the buddy interactions and mentoring.


Language Buddies 2018-19

Kashmere GateKarampura Campus
Harshit BajajSmriti
Pranav YadavAkshay
Harsh MannTanmaya


Nidhi, Language Buddy (KG)
My experience as a peer mentor on the Language Buddy Programme 2018-19 has been an extremely rewarding one. The interaction with my mentees have evolved my interpersonal skills and has immensely contributed to my personal development. It made me realize that language learning is not strictly prescriptive, an approach which I had in the beginning. It was not about teaching but building great relationships and creating a space where they could share and interact with me without any inhibitions. I relied on various sources while planning my sessions ranging from textbooks, videos to literary pieces. Nissim Ezekiel’s poems especially “Goodbye Party for Miss Pushpa T.S.” proved to be an indispensable resource for me in illustrating and rectifying my mentees’ tendency of applying the rules of their mother tongue while using English. The programme has ignited in me a passion for English language teaching, which I look forward to pursue as a career.

Bhanu Kumar (UG student, KG)
Actually I had never interacted in English regularly before coming to University and it became problematic for me because all the courses were taught in English . When I was introduced to my buddy, I felt that there was someone to help and encourage me to do better. I am thankful to my buddy Pranav and Monishita ma'am who were there to hold my hand when I was in need. My Buddy was always available for me. He was always ready to give me feedback and to suggest how I could improve my skills. He encouraged me to think critically and also helped me to express my own ideas on paper and in front of others. My every meeting with my buddy was like a reflection of my efforts which made me feel more confident about myself. Overall, it was a great time that I spent with my buddy and it was very useful for me. It'll continue to inspire me to improve myself.