Stay and Leave Rules

Stay Rules (as per IGDTUW hostel rules):

  • Every student is responsible for the maintenance of the room and furniture allotted to her. No furniture should be removed from the room. No additional furniture is allowed without prior permission of the warden.
  • Students will not break any lock/latches (personal/official) in the hostel without permission of the warden. The recovery of damaged articles will be made from the students and strict action will be taken against her.
  • Residents are required to maintain cleanliness of their rooms, bathrooms and corridors. Dustbins should be kept in the corridors for disposal of waste during 09:00am-1:00 pm
  • Cooking and ironing are strictly prohibited in the rooms. Induction cooker, power points and iron tables are provided in the hostel corridors for the facility of the students.
  • Residents are not allowed to engage any person for service of any kind.
  • Residents are advised to behave properly with mess workers, hostel staff and security guards.
  • Residents are not allowed to keep cars/motor cycles/scooters on the campus without a valid vehicle pass.
  • Residents using air coolers are required to keep them clean and disinfect them regularly to prevent spreading of dengue and malaria. If any penalty is imposed by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi in this regard, the concerned resident will have to pay the same.
  • The residents should keep their rooms locked as and when they go out of their rooms. The hostel is not responsible for loss of valuables due to theft or fire. The residents are requested not to leave their belongings in the corridors, washroom etc.
  • Resident students are not allowed to go out of the hostel after 8.00 pm
  • Any food items/parcels/couriers will be received by the residents at the hostel gate only. No delivery boys will be allowed to enter the hostel. Violation of this rule could lead to disciplinary action.
  • The presence of all students is compulsory for the Roll Call taken at dinner time 8:00pm8:10 pm Research scholars and students doing project work should seek prior permission for late entry. These students need to furnish a letter from their Supervisor/Heads of their Departments to be allowed for late entries.
  • Students are expected to maintain a proper decorum and an atmosphere of cordiality in the hostel.
  • In case a student falls ill with any contagious disease she may not be allowed to stay in the hostel till such time she produces a certificate of Medical Fitness issued by a doctor working in a Govt. Hospital.
  • A resident taking part in any cultural event outside the campus must take prior permission from parents/local guardian, department HOD and the Warden.
  • Every student must bring her own blanket, bed linen, curtains, water bucket and mug.
  • The residents are required to see the Notice Boards for necessary announcements made from time to time. Any suggestion to improve the social, cultural, academic and intellectual environment of the hostel is always welcome.
  • Minimum duration of stay at the hostel will not be less than 85% in any case. Attendance will be reviewed monthly/semester/yearly basis by the concerned warden and hostel office. Any student found short of attendance in the hostel will be considered as unwilling resident to stay in the hostel and her allotment will be cancelled and the seat could be allotted to other needy students
  • Any forbidden articles such as heaters, immersion rods, iron stoves etc. if found in the room, will be confiscated for the duration of the resident’s stay in the hostel and fine of Rs. 500/- will be imposed per article.

Leave Rules (as per IGDTUW hostel rules):

  • Night leaves can be availed only from Friday to Sunday or on Holidays, the maximum permissible night leaves being nine per month (inclusive of holidays). Student on night leave should report by 8.00 am the next day.
  • Late night leave up to 10.00 pm is permitted (twice a month) at student’s own risk and responsibility with prior approval of the hostel warden. Intimation needs to be given by parents to the hostel warden for grant of late night permission.
  • Residents are not permitted to take leave for more than a total period of 5 weeks per semester (inclusive of 9 night leaves per month).
  • Residents are allowed to go home during preparatory leaves for end-term examination as per University calendar.
  • Application for leave for a period exceeding 4 working days must be sanctioned by the Dean/HOD.
  • Permission for all leave, especially night leave, must be taken at least one day in advance.
  • Students will not be permitted to stay overnight at any other place except at their local guardians. If found doing otherwise, the authorities can take appropriate action including cancellation of the hostel seat.
  • Residents are not permitted to leave the hostel without written permission of the Warden. Leave will not be sanctioned on phones from the Local Guardian.
  • Each student is issued a Night Leave Book in which the student should get the signature of the local guardian for every night leave availed. Loss of the book should be reported to the nearest Police Station.
  • Students will not be permitted to leave the hostel earlier than the sanctioned dates of leave.
  • Students are not allowed to extend the leave beyond the sanctioned date except in case of medical emergency for which a medical certificate needs to be submitted.
  • Students who want to go home during the preparation leave may do so with special permission from the warden. There will be no rebate in Mess Charges during this period.
  • Advance intimation needs to be given to the Warden by the parents/local guardian about the place of visit of the resident during winter break.

Disciplinary Action Against a Resident: 

The Dean Student Services can for any default on the part of a resident, such as suppression of information in the application for admission, indulgence in ragging, act of indiscipline, violation of any of the duly prescribed rules, indulgence in indecent or violent behavior, or use of abusive languages or derogatory remarks or for any other reason deemed sufficient for taking a disciplinary action. The punishments may include issuing a warning, informing the parents/ guardian, Head of the Department / Supervisor, if any, impose fine, double-lock the room / cancel the allotment of room of a resident/ expel or forcibly evict a resident at the risk and cost of the resident or take any other disciplinary action, including banning the entry to the Hostel and recommending non-issuance or de-recognition

The Procedure for Taking the Disciplinary Action:

The Warden will call for an explanation from the defaulting resident giving a notice to be responded within a time frame.

  • On receiving the reply from the concerned resident, the Warden may get the entire matter enquired into by any appropriate person / committee and take the necessary action on receiving the report of the inquiry officer / committee.
  • If no reply is received from the defaulting resident within the time stipulated in the letter seeking her explanation, the Warden may take the appropriate disciplinary action straight away without holding an inquiry in the matter.
  • The Warden may report the matter to the Dean Student Services if required. The Dean may take suitable action as per the prevailing rules.
  • The disciplinary action taken by the Dean Student Services with the approval of ViceChancellor will be final and the same may be done under intimation to the Dean of the School concerned.