Fees Structure

Hostel Annual Fees Structure

Hostel Charges payable at the time of Admission / Readmission

S.NoFee detailsFee StructureRemarks
1.Hostel admission fee (Non-refundable)₹ 500Per Annum
2.Hostel Annual Fees₹ 24,000Per Annum
3.Security Charges (Hostel Security + Mess Rs. 10,000/- One time Security Charges ) (Refundable )₹ 10,000One Time
4.Hostel Welfare Fund (non-refundable )₹ 3,000Per Annum
5.TOTAL HOSTEL FEE (excluding Hostel Welfare charges, Mess Maintenance, Mess Charges for NEW ADMISSION STUDENTS₹ 34,500 
6.TOTAL HOSTEL FEE (excluding Hostel welfare charges, mess maintenance, mess charges for RE-ADMISSION STUDENTS₹ 24,500 
7.Mess Maintenance (non-refundable)₹ 500Per Annum
8.Mess Charges ( Non-refundable)₹ 16,000Per semester
Total Mess Charges₹ 16,500 

All Hostel annual charges, Mess fee and Hostel Welfare Fund shall be submitted through epayment (NEFT) as per the account details notified in the IGDTUW Bulletin of Information available at www.igdtuw.ac.in. The details of the account number are also going to be available in the office of Student Services Division, University

Refund Of Hostel And Mess Security Money (as per IGDTUW hostel rules):

Hostel security and mess security charges will be refunded only after the student has left/vacated the Hostel and the same must be claimed within a year of leaving the hostel. The cost of breakage and other dues, if any, will be deducted from the Hostel Security Money. Refund of Hostel & Mess security deposits are subject to submission of ‘No Dues Certificate” from the Hostel Warden.

Hostel Accommodation During Vacation 

  • Hostel will remain closed during summer vacation.
  • It is mandatory for the hostel residents to vacate the hostel within 3 days after their final examination.
  • If the resident wishes to avail hostel facilities during vacation for any project or training programme, prior permission needs to be taken from the Warden and the residents are required to submit a letter from the Supervisor/Head/Dean of the School concerned confirming her participation in the training programme/project.

Cancellation of Hostel Admission (as per IGDTUW hostel rules):

Hostel admission of a resident may be cancelled for any of the following reasons:

  1. Involvement in ragging.
  2. Non-payment of dues within the due dates.
  3. Keeping guests without valid permission.
  4. Mischief/any act causing damage to the hostel property.
  5. Suppression of facts and/or providing wrong information.
  6. If a student is continuously absent for 7 days without prior permission from the hostel warden.
  7. Any misconduct or misbehavior with Warden/Staffs/Fellow students.
  8. Any other complaint received by the hostel office.
  9. In case any disciplinary action against the student been taken by the faculty/department/School of the university.
  10. Forging parent’s, authorities’ or/and guardian’s signature.
  11. Smoking, drinking alcohol, use of narcotics and drugs.
  12. Breaking any other hostel rules.