Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The applicants should satisfy the following eligibility criteria before applying for Hostel accommodation:
  • She should be a full time bonafide student of University.
  • She should not be enrolled in a part-time course.
  • The residential address of the applicants should be falling under the given categories and seats in the Hostel will be allotted as per the following preferences:
    • Students who are residents of states other than NCR of Delhi.
    • Students who are residents of NCR Delhi, but residing at a distance of more than 40 km from the institution in which they are enrolled.
  • She should not be employed anywhere on full-time, part-time, ad-hoc or temporary basis.
  • Admission to Hostel will be strictly based on the eligibility conditions keeping in view the policy of seat reservation.
  • Admission to Hostel shall be done afresh every year and there shall be no guarantee of readmission of the students who were residents of the Hostel during the previous semester/year. Every year admission shall be given on the basis of fresh applications and due process of selection criteria will be followed.
  • Any student who fails to successfully complete the last semester or year shall not be considered for admission/re-admission.
  • The admission in the Hostel will be made on the basis of the criteria decided by Hostel
  • Admission Committee. Application forms for admission to hostel will be scrutinized according to the eligibility conditions.
  • Suppression/wrong information pertaining to any of the eligibility criteria would be liable to disciplinary action as may be deemed fit by the Warden/Dean Student Services.

Additional eligibility & School wise allocation of seats:

  • One seat in each programme will be allocated to the existing Schools of University against the quota for University students.
  • Given the limited number of seats available, admission to the hostel will be restricted to students who are enrolled in the first year of study for MA students and upto 2 years for BA students.'
  • Preference will be given to Undergraduate and Post graduate students who happen to come to study in Delhi for the first time.
  • Economic background of the family will also be considered as one of the criteria.