The vision guiding University is the commitment that prospective students learn to value and appreciate the social privileges they enjoy because of the heavy subsidy that goes into public institutions of higher education in India. 

Therefore, a minimum proportion of the cost incurred by the University for each of its students is reflected in the fee structure. Based on this philosophy, University has instituted a differential fee structure for different programmes, with an understanding that the upper slab is envisaged not to be so high that only a particular segment of society can afford it and the lower slab not so low that the sense of responsibility among the students goes missing. 

  • The differential fee structure ranges from Rs. 1250 to Rs. 2440 per credit for most courses. Students will also be expected to bear additional expenses related to field-visits, supplementary programmes, learning materials etc.
  • In addition, students are required to pay Rs. 500 per semester to the Student Welfare Fund.
  • Rs. 5000 is to be paid as a refundable security deposit.

Refund of Fees 

After being admitted, if a student withdraws from the programme the fees would be refunded as given below. 

  • Before the orientation programme Rs. 1000 will be deducted.
  • After the orientation programme only caution deposit will be refunded.

Notification : Regarding Collection of Miscellaneous Fee income through online mode.

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