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Extra Curricular Activities

Sports activities in AUD are conducted under the aegis of the Sports Committee


Sports SocietyA functional sports facility for students and staff was inaugurated in August 2012. This was followed by regular AUD Sports Day held twice in a year. These are Indoor Sports Meet in Monsoon Semester and Outdoor Sports Meet in Winter Semester. There are other specific sports tournaments, such as AUD Cricket Premier League that take place every year. All these events attract a recognisable size of participation from students from all three campuses of AUD. AUD now has a fully functional indoor sports facility facilitating Table Tennis, Carom and Chess, and equipment for Badminton, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Football and athletic activities. An annual AUD highlight, the faculty vs student cricket match is organised by the Sports Committee. The committee has also been supporting the participation of students in professional games organised by other bodies at the inter-university level, Delhi level and national level. The Sports Committee works in tandem with students who actively participate in planning and organizing sports events. Student members elected from different Schools of AUD are represented in Sports Board, the general body of the Sports Committee. AUD is also moving towards empanelling an array of professional coaches for facilitating sports activities, providing training to students and selection of students for representing AUD at national events.