Society for Visual Culture

The Society for Visual Culture at Ambedkar University, Delhi was formed with the idea to respond to the highly visualised and technologised eco-system that we live in. Instead of a film club or cinema society, which is the usual name for a society of this nature, we named it the Society for Visual Culture because, we are keen to incorporate activity, and screening around every kind of visual and performance material available to us and not restrict ourselves to just one or two kinds of visual material. At SVC, we would like to take up for critical debate and discussion any work or body or work that relates to and engages with the visual and the scopophilic. Our aim is to present at least 4 big events a year, couple of competitive annual events, collaborate with other societies in the university for annual events as well as collaborate with organisations and societies outside the university to put together important cultural events. SVC@AUD wants to be an integral part of the cultural calendar of not just AUD but also Delhi at large.
SVC Student Coordinators: Kartikeya Jain, Anurag Munjal


For more details on our activities, please visit us on facebook at Or write to us