Literary Society

In keeping with a very broad mandate as far as literary societies are concerned, Literary Society at AUD or LS@AUD would want to beyond the jugular, ie to organise just crowd fests and publish literary magazines. Though in no way will these aspects be outside its portfolio, LS@AUD will hope to integrate learning with popular events by organising literary talks, poetry seminars and readings, translation roundtables, themed events, that bring together courses in AUD with broader concerns or themes concurrent with studying literature, introducing new and just published young authors and well as create a channel to communication with established it canonical authors, organise events that provoke students to participate as creative individuals while also reaching out to communities through creative commons or in tandem with the wider inter-disciplinary mechanism found within the university itself. A literary blog and magazine is of course in the agenda. The AUD students’ magazine is on the way. Since its inception in November, 2011, AUD Literary Society has organised a number of events, public lectures, talks and screenings. It hopes to do a big annual event very soon at AUD.