Dance Society

We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once. - Friedrich Nietzsche


Premised on the desire and not the ability to dance, the dance society of AUD is home to those who find their spirits lifting as they their feet move. The Dance Society came into existence in September 2011 with three members and has grown since with 12 core dancers and many more who spontaneously join as they get caught by the rhythms of their peers’ movements. The society comprises two chapters-- one emphasizing on Theme based contemporary and classical dance, and the other representing a Free style popular genre of dance. The society members include those trained in Ballet, Contemporary, Hip-hop and Jazz as well as those who wish to learn and “just dance”. The Dance Society is gaining a reputation of instrumentalizing flash mobs across the campus, much to the pleasure of students and faculty alike. Recent events of the society include hosting an Inter-university dance competition called Mash-Up at AUDacity, the University Festival, with more than 12 colleges and universities participating.