• In order to securing the network, IT Services Division has been taking appropriate steps by installing firewalls, access controlling and installing virus checking and content filtering software at the gateway.
  • Campus Network Backbone Operations
    • The campus network backbone and its active components are administered, maintained and controlled by IT Services.
    • IT Services operates the campus network backbone such that service levels are maintained as required by the University School, Centre, and divisions served by the campus network backbone within the constraints of operational best practices
  • Implemented the Windows 2008 Active Directory Secured Authentication
  • Providing the Secured VPN based e-Journal & Intranet Access for Faculty outside AUD Network.
  • Physical Demarcation of Campus Buildings’ Network
  • Network Expansion
  • Wireless Local Area Networks
  • Electronic logs of Network Traffic
  • Global Naming & IP Addressing
  • Providing Net Access IDs and email Accounts
  • Network Policy and Technology Standards Implementation
  • Maintenance of Computer Hardware & Peripherals
  • Maintenance of Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Facilitating AUD e-Journal and Intranet access thru VPN from outside the AUD Network for all the faculty members.
  • A Virtual Data Storage Facility( upto 50 MB for each user) will be provided on Network SAS Device
  • AUD has acquired a high speed Internet 100 Mbps from NKN (National Knowledge Network) and 20 Mbps from ERNET as a backup.
  • Centralized Intranet facility for the dissemination of information.
  • Campus wide Wired and Wireless Network (Wi-Fi) systems broadly has been the part of the University LAN &WAN systems which are on very high speed network access.
  • Server virtualization has done in both the campuses which allows for better operational control, lowering of existing cost, and better scaling.
  • Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances installed in the campus which simplifies management of the university's security strategy. Also from one single centralized console, all the security solutions can be monitored and configured.

AUD has platform (O.S) independent infrastructure for this reason, faculty, students, researchers and other staff easily connect on AUD network system irrespective of different Operating system on their laptop and desktops.
Server’s resources are virtualised for better operational control resulting common access of the office automation applications and other online resources on 24X7 basis.
Campus are well connected through secured VPN (Virtual Private Network). Faculty members are provided the access to university e-Journals outside AUD Network on VPN.
Active Directory based Secured (Network Login) Authentication facility in University Network Servers for all the Faculty/Administrative Staff and Students which will provide scalability, flexibility and extensibility .
AUD Virtual Private Network Technical deployment made it possible that every faculty member can access the AUD e-Journals other online resources and Intranet Website from home
AUD IT Services is keeping repository system on Dspace to manage and distribute digitised information under different academic communities.
AUD IT Services provides 30 GB each e-mail facility in google apps for AUD Faculty, Staff and students.
AUD has its own IT Policy that works as guidelines for using the university’s computing facilities including computer hardware, software, email, information resources, intranet and Internet access facilities guidelines that would be relevant in the context of the university. While creating these policies, every effort has been made to have a careful balance between security and the ability to conduct the rightful functions by the users.
In addition to the approximately 300 desktops (Core-2, i3,i5,i7 etc), AUD has provided approximately 150 laptops of Dell, Lenovo, HP Compaq and Apple (Mac) make to the faculty for their use. Computer Centre equipped with the approx. 250 computers of Dell, Lenova, HP and Apple (Mac). Un-interrupted power supply is assured at the campus and approx 69 nos of 1KVA, 5 KVA and 10KVA offline UPS and 3 nos. of 20KVA online UPS systems are deployed in the campus.
Apart from these facilities, high luminous LCD projectors with Laser pointers are available for the purpose of seminars, training, and visual presentations in the class room, seminar halls.