The Clinic Wings

Khel Khel Mein – Child Clinic
Children and adolescents sense a lot from the world around them and at times are caught between expectations and desires. Sometimes in children you may notice,

  • Them being withdrawn and experiencing prolonged sadness
  • Separation anxiety and the fear of independence
  • Inability to make friends and negative attitude towards oneself,
  • Bed wetting, rituals and phobias
  • Academic failures, inability to concentrate, hyperactivity, bullying with peers
  • Loss of appetite, irritability, temper tantrums, convulsions and fits,
  • Sibling rivalry, aggression, defiance, adjustment problems,
  • Stress due to difficulties in the parent’s relations and unhelpful parenting strategies.
  • Autism, Mental Retardation, Learning disability, Dyslexia.
  • Dealing with your child in these states requires listening to what the child is unable to communicate. The therapist engages with the child and explores his/her inner world through play and expressive techniques.

Abhivyakti – Adolescent Clinic
Adolescents experience and express needs of dependency and independence and in this process you may go through certain challenges like,

  • Being blocked in your engagement in school because you are preoccupied with thoughts or feelings.
  • Have undergone overwhelming experiences that they find difficult to experience and verbalize.
  • Feel confused about their identity, gender and sexuality and feel uncertain about their future.
  • Take recourse to drugs or alcohol or gang activities because of feeling depressed.
  • Over eat or diet excessively as a way to manage difficult feelings they cannot verbalize and other obsessions about one’s body.

Such behavior and experiences interfere as well as carry a potential for personal growth and well being of the child. Psychotherapy as an alternative addresses the deeper conflicts underlying the surface of these disturbances.

Anubhav – Adult Clinic
Personal relationships and work are a playground to know oneself and here one may experience acute anxiety, sadness, hopelessness, betrayal and anger. Individual psychotherapy is a space to recover a sense of stability and meaningfulness by looking at difficult life experiences and feelings in a safe engagement with the therapist. You could be experiencing,

  • Feeling of emptiness, loss of meaning in life or an inability to experience aliveness and creativity
  • Difficulties in relationships with one’s families and loved ones.
  • Feelings of incompetence, inadequacy at work and negative thoughts about one’s future.
  • Confusion, ambivalence and anxieties around marriage and intimacy.
  • Gender identity crises and fears of acceptance related to it.
  • Addictions of alcoholism, drug abuse and sex addiction.
  • Troubling relationship patterns or personality problems.
  • Recurring thoughts about death or dying.
  • Engaging with the loss of a loved one.

Humsafar – Family Clinic
Life in the family acquires a difficult emotional tone specially when you are going through divorce or loss of a parent, or there is too much violence, there is a secret you can’t reveal, you feel the family is divided, you are exhausted by the prolonged mental or physical illness of a family member, you have adopted a child or you are a child of foster parents, you and your partner have different expectations. We understand the notion of the family not only in the sense of its biological origins but also a family where one’s emotional rootedness may be more present. 


Family therapy is a space to listen to parts of each other in the family with the hope of recovering the realities of the relationship.

  • Conflicts in relationships like infidelity, the gap in the parent’s expectations and values, incompatibilities between partners.
  • Broken and estranged relationships due to divorce, separation and due to the loss of a parent
  • Polarized relationships where the family feels divided on issues, problems of roles and dependency
  • Domestic violence and physical abuse within the family or in a relationship
  • Sexual abuse and incest in families.
  • Dealing with prolonged physical and mental illness, addiction in a family member.
  • Resettlement to a new city due to displacement, due to professional choices.
  • Foster parents and the adopted child.
  • Financial problems
  • Infertility and parenting problems
  • Lack of spark and feeling of stuckness
  • Discord with in-laws and extended families
  • Gay and Lesbian families and the struggles and the conflict they experience viz. a viz. the mainstream society.

Relational strife in families where the voice of the younger member may be oppressed especially in a joint family setting In the absence of the familial spaces what are the families which one creates and begins to live in and the difficulties experienced in the process.