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Gender Studies Programme Invites you to a Talk by Jaya Sharma on "Security and Adventure: Sex, Love and Politics".

The talk will explore the play of the irrational in sex and love and whether this might deepen our understanding of politics.  It will look at yummy yucky nature of sexual fantasies that turn us on and disgust us at the same time and the delicious torments of love.  Are there conflicts here with our sense of who we are and the ideologies that we subscribe to?  Might it be that we do not feel safe enough to undertake adventures in the erotic realm? Might it be that in our love lives we seek safety in one relationship and adventure in others?  From the personal the talk will move towards and conclude with the political.  Might it be that politics offers the rare combination of security and adventure that we seek in vain in our personal lives.  

Jaya Sharma is a feminist, queer, kinky, political activist and writer based in New Delhi. As part of a feminist NGO she worked on issues of gender and education for over twenty years.She was also intensively involved in sexuality trainings for groups working with rural women. As a queer activist she has co founded and been involved with queer forums in Delhi. She is also one of the founder members of the Kinky Collective, a group that aims to raise awareness about Bondage Domination Sado Masochism.She is currently writing a book entitled “Fantasy Frames - Sex, Love and Indian Politics” to be published by Penguin Random House later this year. You can contact her at jayajulie@gmail.com

Venue:- CR-2, 11AM -1PM,AUD Kashmere Gate Campus.