A statement of the categories of documents that are held by it for under its control

[Section 4(1)(b)(vi)]


Name of the Record

Details of Information


University Act

The Act provides for establishment of National Law University, Delhi, Powers, Functions and duties of the University, Constitution of authorities of the University, Powers and Functions of the ViceChancellor and the Registrar and provision relating to other important matters.


University Statutes and Ordinances

The Statutes and ordinances framed under the University Act.


Annual Report

All activities held in the University during the year


Annual Accounts

Annual Accounts Balance sheet, Audit report of Accounts for the financial year along with cash book, Ledger, various registers in respect of Accounts of the AUD


Service Records

Service Records containing all details of each employee


Students Information

Student data Information regarding students admitted each Year.


Result of students

Result of all students studying in the University


Agenda and Minutes of Statutory Authorities

Agenda and Minutes of meetings of :-

  1. The Court
  2. Board of Management
  3. Academic Council
  4. Finance Committee
  5. Establishment Committee
  6. Board of Studies of Schools,
  7. Hostel Committee
  8. Admission Committee
  9. Library Advisory Committee
  10. Committees appointed from time to time.


Stock Register

Stock Register contains entries of all material/equipments purchased by the University


Log Books

Log Books of University Vehicles


Memorandum of Understanding

MOUs signed by the University with other Institutions/Universities.



Syllabus of various courses being conducted by the AUD



Examination related records



Records related to purchase of books, issue and returns of books, stock of books etc. of the AUD Library


Bulletin of Information

AN yearly published document consisting details about schools, centres, campuses, admission, application flow chart, application procedure, fee structure and admission calendar etc.


Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar of the University in print form


AUD Medical Attendance & Treatment Regulations

1.Revised List of (Diagnostic Centres/ Pathology Labs for Non-Cashless benefit) - A4Download
2.Revised list of Empanelled Hospitals for Non-Cashless benefits - A3Download
3.National Pharmaceuticals Pricing Authority (NPPA), Regulate the prices of coronary stentsDownload
4.Notification: AUD MAT regulation to Temporary/Contractual EmployeesDownload
5.Notification: AUD Medical Attendance & Treatment Regulations, 2016Download
6.AUD Medical Attendance & Treatment Regulations, 2016 - A1Download
7.AUD MAT, 2016 ( Empanelled Hospitals for Cashless benefits) - A2Download
9.AUD MAT, 2016 - Application for Identity Card for availing medical benefits - A5Download
10.AUD MAT, 2016 - Form of Application for Medical Claims - A6Download





Last Updated Date : 09-03-2020