Power and Duties of its Officers and Employees

[Section 4(1) (b)(ii)]

Powers and duties of officers (administrative, financial and judicial)

Vice Chancellor

  • The Vice Chancellor is entitled to be present at, and address, any meeting of any other authority or any other body of the University but not be entitled to vote thereat unless he is a member of such authority or body.
  • It shall be the duty of the Vice Chancellorto see that the Act, the Statutes, the Ordinances and the Regulations are duly observed and he shall have all the powers necessary to ensure such observance.
  • The Vice Chancellor shall have all the powers necessary for the proper maintenance of discipline in the University and he may delegate any such power to such officer or officers, as he may deem fit.
  • The Vice Chancellor is empowered to grant leave to any officer of the University and make necessary arrangements for the discharge of the functions of such officer during his absence.
  • The Vice Chancellor grants leave of absence to any employee of the University in accordance with the rules and, if he so decides, may delegate such power to another officer of the University.
  • The Vice Chancellor has the power to convene or cause to be convened the meeting of the Court, with the approval of the Chancellor, and the meetings of the Board of Management, the Academic Council, the Planning Board and the Finance Committee.


Pro Vice-Chancellor:

Pro Vice-Chancellor shall assist the Vice-Chancellor in respect of such matters as may be specified by the Vice-Chancellor in this behalf from time to time and shall also exercise such powers and perform such functions as may be delegated to him by the Vice-Chancellor.



  • Every Dean shall be the head of a School of Studies.
  • The Dean shall be the head of the school of studies and shall be responsible for the conduct and maintenance of the standards of teaching and research in the school of studies.
  • The Dean shall perform such other functions as may be prescribed by the Ordinances.
  • The Dean shall have the right to be present and to speak at any meeting of the Board of Studies or a committee of the Department but shall not have the right to vote thereat unless he is a member thereof.


Deans / Directors of Divisions

The powers and functions of the deans / directors appointed under this statute may be prescribed by the Ordinances.


  • The Board of Management shall designate a Registrar to act in one or more of the following capacities, namely:-
    • Secretary to the Court
    • Secretary to the Board of Management
    • Secretary to the Academic Council
    • Secretary to the Planning Board
  • A Registrar so designated shall, in relation to the authority concerned:
    • be the custodian of the records, the common seal and such other properties of the University as the Board of Management may commit to his charge.
    • issue notices and convene meetings of that authority and the committees appointed by it.
    • keep the minutes of the meetings of that authority and the committees appointed by it.
    • conduct the official proceedings and correspondence; and
  • Registrar may be designated by the Vice Chancellor to represent the University in suits or proceedings, by or against the University, sign powers of attorney, verify pleadings and depute his representative for the purpose.
  • The Registrar shall perform such other functions as may be specified in the Statutes, Ordinances or Regulations or as may be required from time to time by the Board of Management or the Vice Chancellor.

Controller of Finance:

Controller of Finance shall

  • Exercise general supervision over the funds of the university and advise it as regards its financial policies.
  • Perform such other financial functions as may be assigned to him by the board of management or as may be prescribed by the statues or the ordinances.
  • Subject to the control of the Vice- Chancellor and the Board of Management, the controller of finance shall
    • Hold and manage the properties and investments of the university including trust and immovable properties for fulfilling any of the objects of the University
    • see that the limits fixed by the Finance Committee for recurring and non-recurring expenditure for a year are not exceeded and the money is expanded or spent for the purposes for which it was granted or allotted
    • be responsible for the preparation of the annual accounts and the budget of the University and for their presentation to the Board of Management after they have been considered by the Finance Committee.
    • keep a constant watch on the cash and bank balances and investments;
    • watch the progress of collection of revenue and advise on the methods of collection employed;
    • ensure that the registers of properties of the University are maintained properly and that stock checking of the equipment and other material in the offices and branches of the University including colleges and the institutions maintained by the University is conducted in a time-bound manner;
    • bring to the notice of the Vice-Chancellor any unauthorized expenditure or any other financial irregularity and suggest appropriate action against the person at fault; and
    • call from any office of the University, including colleges and institutions maintained by the University, any information or report that he may consider necessary for the performance of his functions.

Librarian and other Officers:

  • The Librarian shall be a whole-time salaried officers appointed by the Board of management on the recommendation of a Selection Committee constituted for the purpose, and shall possess such qualifications and exercise such powers and perform such duties, as may be determined by the Board of Management.
  • The manner of appointment, qualification, powers and duties of other officers shall be as may be determined by the Board of Management.

Delegation of Financial Powers

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