Particulars of recipients of concessions, permits or authorizations granted

[Section 4( 1)(b )(xiii)]




Objective: This is an enabling scheme, instituted to support financially those students who otherwise would not be able to afford the fees for a Programme.


  • The fee-waiver scheme has 2 categories – full fee-waiver and partial fee-waiver (up to 50% of fee).
  • The fee-waiver scheme is open to all candidates (other than candidates belonging to SC / ST and other categories who will get fee-reimbursement from the Government of Delhi or from the State government of their domicile). The University may allocate some notional amount in the Budget to mitigate the hardship a student may have to go through while waiting for the reimbursement of fees from the government. However, the university may also consider these categories of students for waivers to the extent that the government grant does not cover their full fees.
  • Fee-waivers will be available to about 15% of the candidates admitted in a semester in accordance with the means-cum-academic performance criteria and the procedures laid down by the University.
  • Ordinarily full fee-waiver will be offered to 5% of the students and partial fee-waiver to an additional 10%. In case there are no candidates or only a few candidates eligible for full fee-waiver, the unutilized full fee-waivers may be converted to partial fee-waivers, provided there are eligible candidates available.
  • This scheme will be applicable to candidates at the pan-School / pan-programme level.
  • Semester-to-semester performance of students will be taken into consideration for continuation of fee-waivers during subsequent semesters.
  • The budgeted amount left unutilized can be used to provide financial assistance for special tasks e.g. field work, research project, dissertation, etc.


This scheme will be available to all candidates who apply for the scheme in the prescribed form. However, preference will be given to candidates:

  • who are pursuing a first Masters degree or a first Bachelors degree, as the case may be
  • whose annual family income from all sources is not more than Rs. 2 lakh
  • who are physically challenged, women or economically disadvantaged.

Fee-waivers would ordinarily be available for the entire duration of a programme, but such awards would be subject to:

  • a student being allowed to register in the next semester/successfully passing all courses of a Semester.
  • showing regularity in lectures/classes and in the submissions of assignments, projects, reports etc. in the preceding semester (where applicable).

Thus fee-waivers would be announced separately for each semester. Students who do not get any fee waiver in the first semester can also apply in subsequent semesters and their application will be considered on the basis of availability of funds.

Fee-waiver Committee

A fee-waiver Committee would be appointed by the Vice Chancellor, with the following composition:

  • One Dean (to be Chairperson)
  • Two Deans of Schools
  • Two faculty members
  • Dean, Students Services (convener)

The Committee will recommend the award of fee waivers of students in all programme of the university.

The Fee- waiver Committee is authorised to put in place any further criterion or criteria in addition to those mentioned above for the award of fee- waiver. The Committee would also administer the disbursement of other financial grants to students on behalf of the University.

Documents to be submitted:

  • Completed application form under this scheme
  • Evidence of Annual family income through:
    • copy of income tax return / monthly salary certificate; issued to the parents by their employer.
    • Income certificate issued by the Tahisildar / Sub-divisional magistrate/ sub-collector as the case may be
    • an affidavit on Rs.10/- non-judicial paper affirming that the annual income of the family is not more than the maximum limit specified.
  • Any other document the Fee-waiver Committee may require



Objective: This is an incentive scheme to encourage students to excel in their academic pursuits and perform better while pursuing their programme of study in the University.


    • The University will institute a scheme of Scholarships for meritorious students equivalent approximately to 10% of the fees collected for the programme in question.
    • The Scholarship scheme will be open to all candidates irrespective of whether they are receiving any other award under any other scheme of the University.
    • The Scholarship scheme will be available to a specified number of students per Programme admitted in a Semester in accordance with the academic performance criteria and the procedures laid down by the University in this regard.
    • The amount of scholarship will normally be Rs. 16,000, Rs 8,000 or Rs. 4,000 per student per Semester, and a Certificate (changes in these amounts can be made by the Committee).
    • A pert of the sum specified for Scholarships can also be used for giving awards to students for special academic achievements and outstanding work in individual areas.
    • This scheme will be applicable to candidates at the level of individual programmes.


This scheme will be available to:

those candidates who are pursuing a programme of study at the Masters or Bachelors degree level, as the case may be.

  • those students (except those in semester 1, where performance in entrance test will be considered) who pass all courses of the previous Semester with at least an overall grade of B+ will be eligible for being considered for the award of a Scholarship.
  • those with a distinguished performance in any academic activity may also be considered for cash awards with certificates.

Scholarship Committee

A scholarship Committee would be appointed by the Vice Chancellor, for each School with the following composition:

  • Dean of the School (chairperson)
  • Programme Coordinator
  • One faculty member from the programme of study
  • One faculty member from another school of study

The committee will make recommendation to the Vice Chancellor for the award of scholarships at the level of each School. The Scholarship Committee is authorised to put in place any further criterion or criteria in addition to those mentioned above for the award of Scholarships.


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