Manual 10

Monthly remuneration received by each of its officers and employees, including the system of compensation as provided in its regulations
[Section 4(1)(b)(x)]

Dr. Aakriti GroverAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Prof. Abhay Kumar DubeyDirector
Mr. Ajay KumarMTS (Office Attendant)Level 1
Mr. Ajay Kumar ThakurJr. ExecutiveLevel 6
Mr. Ajay Singh DangiMTS (Office Attendant)Level 1
Mr. Akha Kaihrii MaoAssociate ProfessorAcademic Level 13A
Mr. Akha Kaihrii MaoDirectorAcademic Level 13A
Dr. Akhil KatyalAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Dr. Alka RaiDeputy LibrarianAcademic Level 12
Dr. Aman Kr. SinghResearch Assistant
Dr. Ambika RamAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Dr. Amit Kumar MishraAssociate ProfessorAcademic Level 13A
Dr. Amit SinghAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Dr. Amol PadwadDirectorAcademic Level 14
Dr. Anand BurdhanAssistant Professor
Mr. Anil Singh RawatAssistantLevel 4
Dr. Anirban SenguptaAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 11
Dr. Anita E. CherianAssociate ProfessorAcademic Level 13A
Dr. Anita E. CherianDean OfficiatingAcademic Level 13A
Prof. Anita GhaiProfessorAcademic Level 14
Ms. Anjna KumariAssistantLevel 4
Dr. Ankush RathorAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Dr. Anoop Kr. KoileriAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Dr. Anshu GuptaAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 11
Ms. Anshu SinghAssistant RegistrarLevel 10
Ms. Anshumita PandeyAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Prof. Anu Singh LatherVice ChancellorRs.2,10,000/- plus Special Allowance
Dr. Anushka SinghAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Dr. Arindam BanerjeeAssociate ProfessorAcademic Level 13A
Mr. ArjunAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Ms. Arunima PaulAssistantLevel 4
Mr. Asha Devi D.AssistantLevel 4
Mr. Ashish PatidarAssistant RegistrarLevel 10
Mr. Ashok Kumar-IMTS (Office Attendant)Level 1
Mr. Ashok Kumar-IIMTS (Office Attendant)Level 1
Mr. Ashu MannOffice AttendantLevel 1
Mr. Asim RayConsultant
Prof. Asmita KabraProfessorAcademic Level 14
Prof. Babu P. RemeshProfessorAcademic Level 14
Prof. Babu P. RemeshDirectorAcademic Level 14
Prof. Babu P. RemeshDeanAcademic Level 14
Dr. Balchand PrajapatiAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 11
Mr. Benil BiswasAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Dr. Bhoomika MeilingAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Mr. Bhupender SinghAssistantLevel 4
Mr. Bhupendra Singh ChauhanAssistantLevel 4
Dr. Bidhan Chandra DashAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Dr. Bidhan Chandra DashDeputy DeanAcademic Level 10
Dr. Bindu K. CovilakamAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Mr. Bipul Kumar SrivastavDeputy RegistrarLevel 12
Mr. Brajesh Kumar GuptaJr. ExecutiveLevel 6
Dr. Budhaditya DasAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Mr. Deepak BishlaSystem AdministratorLevel 10
Mr. Deepak KapoorAssistant RegistrarLevel 10
Mr. Deepak KumarAssistantLevel 4
Mr. Deepan SivaramanAssociate ProfessorAcademic Level 13A
Prof. Deepita ChakravartyProfessorAcademic Level 14
Prof. Deepita ChakravartyDeanAcademic Level 14
Ms. Deepti SachdevAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Dr. Dharitri ChakaravarttyAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 11
Mr. Dharmender KumarSecurity SupervisorLevel 6
Dr. Dhiraj Kumar NiteAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 11
Mr. Dhiraj SinghJr. ConsultantLevel 6
Prof. Dhirendra Datt DangwalProfessorAcademic Level 14
Dr. Diamond Oberoi VahaliAssociate ProfessorAcademic Level 13A
Dr. Dinesh KumarDeputy LibrarianAcademic Level 13A
Dr. Dinesh TanejaDirectorLevel 14
Dr. Dipa SinhaAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 12
Dr. DML HaokipAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Dr. Ekta SinghAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Ms. Fariha SiddiquiAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Mr. Fida HussainMTS (Mali)Level 1
Mr. Gangmumei KameiAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Dr. Gaurav GuptaAssistant Registrar
Mr. Gaurav SaxenaProject Engineer(Electrical)Level 10
Dr. Geeta PandeyAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Prof. Geetha VenkataramanProfessorAcademic Level 14
Prof. Gopal Ji PradhanProfessorAcademic Level 14
Dr. Gunjan SharmaAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Mr. Hirendra Singh ChaharCaretaker
Prof. Honey Oberoi VahaliProfessorAcademic Level 14
Prof. Honey Oberoi VahaliDirectorAcademic Level 14
Dr. Ivy DharAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 11
Mr. Jagesh Kumar TyagiStore KeeperLevel 6
Dr. Javed Iqbal WaniAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Dr. Jyotirmoy BhattacharyaAssociate ProfessorAcademic Level 13A
Dr. Jyotirmoy BhattacharyaDean OfficiatingAcademic Level 13A
Mr. K YudhistarJunior EngineerLevel 6
Dr. Kalindi MaheshwariAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Dr. Kancharla ValentinaAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Dr. Kanwal AnilAssociate ProfessorAcademic Level 13A
Prof. Kartik DaveDeanAcademic Level 14
Prof. Kartik DaveDeanAcademic Level 14
Dr. Kaustav BanerjeeAssociate ProfessorAcademic Level 13A
Mr. Keshav ThakurMTS (Office Attendant)Level 1
Mr. Khushal Singh BishtStore Keeper
Dr. KopalAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Dr. Krishna Kalyan DixitAssociate ProfessorAcademic Level 13A
Dr. Krishna Kalyan DixitAssociate ProfessorAcademic Level 13A
Prof. Krishna MenonProfessorAcademic Level 14
Dr. Krishna RamAssistant Professor
Dr. Kritika MathurAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Dr. Latika VashistAssociate ProfessorAcademic Level 13 A
Prof. Lawrence LiangProfessorAcademic Level 14
Prof. Lawrence LiangDeanAcademic Level 14
Dr. Lovitoli JimoAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Dr. Mahendra PrajapatiAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Mr. Mahesh KumarAssistantLevel 4
Dr. Mamatha KarollilAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Mr. Mamta AswalAssistantLevel 4
Mr. Man Mohan Singh AswalAssistantLevel 4
Mr. Manas Ranjan DakuaTechnical AssistantLevel 5
Dr. Manasi Thapliyal NavaniAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 11
Dr. Manish JainAssociate ProfessorAcademic Level 13A
Mr. Manish SharmaAssistant Professor
Mr. Manjeet Singh RanaAssistant RegistrarLevel 10
Ms. ManjuJr. ExecutiveLevel 6
Mr. Manoj KaumarAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Dr. Manoj KumarAssistant Registrar
Dr. Manoj KumarAssistant Registrar
Mr. Manoj RanaDeputy RegistrarLevel 12
Mr. Mewa LalMTS (Electrician)Level 1
Ms. Minakshi Singh JugranAssistantLevel 4
Mr. Mithilesh Kumar SinghExecutive Engineer (Civil)Level 11
Dr. Moggallan BhartiAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Mr. Mohammad HaseenSecurity SupervisorLevel 6
Prof. Mohammad Sharique FarooqiDirectorAcademic Level 14
Prof. Mohammad Sharique FarooqiProfessorAcademic Level 14
Prof. Mohammad Sharique FarooqiDirectorAcademic Level 14
Mr. Mohan Singh YadavAssistantLevel 4
Dr. Monal M DewleAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Dr. Monica KaushikVisiting Assistant Professor
Dr. Monimalika DayAssociate ProfessorAcademic Level 13A
Dr. Monimalika DayDeputy DirectorAcademic Level 13A
Dr. Mradul Veer SinghAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Dr. Mrityunjay TripathiAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Mr. Mukesh Singh DangiTechnical AssistantLevel 5
Prof. Nakkeeran NanjappanDeanAcademic Level 14
Prof. Nakkeeran NanjappanDeputy DirectorAcademic Level 14
Dr. Nandini NayakAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 11
Mr. Naresh KumarMTS (Mali)Level 1
Mr. Naveen KumarMTS (Office Attendant)Level 1
Mr. Neeru PandeyAssistantLevel 4
Mr. NeksonMTS (Office Attendant)Level 1
Dr. Ngoru NixonAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Dr. NidhiAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Dr. Nidhi KaickerAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 11
Mr. Nikhil Singh CharakAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Ms. Nikita JainPsychotherapistAcademic Level 10
Mr. Nishant SolomonAssistantLevel 4
Mr. Nitin ChaudharyAssistantLevel 4
Dr. Nitin MalikRegistrar
Dr. Nivedita SarkarAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Mr. Nokil SinghAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Mr. Noorul HaqDeputy RegistrarLevel 12
Dr. NT DiheungAssistant RegistrarLevel 10
Dr. Oinam Hemlata DeviAssociate ProfessorAcademic Level 11
Dr. Oinam Hemlata DeviDean OfficiatingAcademic Level 11
Dr. Parag WaknisDeanAcademic Level 13A
Dr. Parag WaknisAssociate ProfessorAcademic Level 13A
Dr. Partha SahaAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 13A
Ms. PinkyMTS (Office Attendant)Level 1
Dr. Pooja SatyogiAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 12
Ms. Poonam PetwalAssistantLevel 4
Mr. Prabhat KumarJr. ExecutiveLevel 6
Mr. Prabir ChaudhuriConsultantLevel 10
Dr. Pranay GoswamiAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 11
Dr. Prasad TSV KammiliDeputy RegistrarLevel 12
Prof. Praveen SinghProfessorAcademic Level 14
Dr. Preeti SampatAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Dr. Pritpal RandhawaAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Ms. Priyanka AlaghJr. ExecutiveLevel 6
Dr. Priyasha KaulAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Dr. Pulak DasAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Dr. R.K. TrivediResearch Assistant
Prof. Rachana JohriProfessorAcademic Level 14
Dr. Rachna ChaudharyAssociate ProfessorAcademic Level 13A
Dr. Rachna MehraAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Mr. Raj KumarAssistantLevel 4
Mr. Raj Kumar MauryaMTS (Mali)Level 1
Dr. Rajan KrishnanAssociate ProfessorAcademic Level 13A
Mr. Rajeev KumarAssistant RegistrarLevel 10
Mr. Rajeev TalwarController of FinanceLevel 14
Dr. Rajshree ChanchalAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Mr. Raju SolankiJr. ConsultantLevel 6
Mr. Rakesh Kumar OjhaAssistant Registrar
Dr. Ramesh Chander SharmaDirectorAcademic Level 13A
Dr. Ramesh Chander SharmaAssociate ProfessorAcademic Level 13A
Mr. Ramiz KazmiTechnical AssistantLevel 5
Dr. Ramneek KhassaAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 11
Mr. Ranjit BhuimaliMTS (Mali)Level 1
Mr. Ravinder RawatJr. ExecutiveLevel 6
Dr. Ravindra KumarAssistant Professor
Dr. Richa AwasthyAssociate ProfessorAcademic Level 13A
Dr. Rinju RasailyAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Dr. Rishabh Kumar MishraAssistant Professor
Ms. Ritika KattarmalAssistantLevel 4
Mr. RizwanMTS (Mali)Level 1
Dr. Robin SinghalAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Dr. Rohit NegiAssociate ProfessorAcademic Level 13A
Dr. Rohit NegiDirectorAcademic Level 13A
Mr. Rudar PalMTS (Office Attendant)Level 1
Mr. Rudresh Singh NegiMTS (Office Attendant)Academic Level 1
Prof. Rukmini SenProfessorAcademic Level 14
Prof. Rukmini SenDirectorAcademic Level 14
Prof. Rukmini SenDirectorAcademic Level 14
Prof. Rukmini SenLibrarian (In-Charge)Academic Level 14
Prof. Rukmini SenDeanAcademic Level 14
Mr. Sachit SharmaAssistant RegistrarLevel 10
Dr. Sailendra Kumar SwainResearch Assistant
Prof. Salil MisraProfessorAcademic Level – 14/15 plus Special Allowance
Mr. Sameer KhanJr. ExecutiveLevel 6
Mr. Sameer SainiDeputy RegistrarLevel 12
Dr. Samik ChowdhuryAssociate ProfessorAcademic Level 13A
Ms. Sana KhanAssistantLevel 4
Mr. SandeepMTS (Office Attendant)Level 1
Mr. Sandeep KumarAssistant RegistrarLevel 10
Mr. Sandeep Kumar - IMTS (Office Attendant)Level 1
Mr. Sandeep Kumar - IIMTS (Office Attendant)Level 1
Mr. Sandeep R. SinghAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Mr. SangeetaAssistantLevel 4
Prof. Sanjay Kumar SharmaProfessorAcademic Level 14
Mr. Sanjay RawatMTS (Office Attendant)Level 1
Dr. Sanju ThomasAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 11
Dr. Santhosh SadanandanAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Dr. Santosh Kumar SinghDeanAcademic Level 13A
Dr. Santosh Kumar SinghDeanAcademic Level 13A
Mr. Santosh ThomasAssistantLevel 4
Dr. Sapna Dudeja TalujaAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Ms. Saranika SarkarAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Mr. Satish KumarJr. ConsultantLevel 6
Prof. Satyaketu SankritDeanAcademic Level 14
Prof. Satyaketu SankritProctorAcademic Level 14
Prof. Satyaketu SankritDeanAcademic Level 14
Mr. SaurabhAssistantLevel 4
Mr. Sayandeb ChowdhuryAssistant Professor
Mr. Sayandeb ChowdhuryAssistant Professor
Dr. Shad NavedAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Mr. Shafique AhmadMTS (Office Attendant)Level 1
Dr. Shailaja MenonAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 11
Dr. Shalini AwasthiAssistant Professor
Mr. Shambhu Sharan SinghTechnical AssistantLevel 5
Ms. Shefali SinghPsychotherapistAcademic Level 10
Mr. Shelmi SankhilAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Dr. Shifa HaqAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Mr. Shiv CharanMTS (Office Attendant)Level 1
Mr. Shiv Kant AwasthiStore KeeperLevel 6
Mr. Shiv KumarJr. ConsultantLevel 6
Mr. Shivam KaushikAssistantLevel 4
Dr. Shivani NagAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Dr. Shubhra NagaliaAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 11
Dr. Sima YadavAssistant Professor
Ms. Simranjeet KaurResearch Assistant
Prof. Sitansu S. JenaDeanAcademic Level 14
Dr. Snigdha VishoniAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Mr. SR PrabkaranAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Mr. SubhashJr. ExecutiveLevel 6
Mr. Sumit SolankiMTS (Office Attendant)Level 1
Dr. Sunalini KumarAssociate ProfessorAcademic Level 13A
Dr. Sunil Kumar DahiyaAssistant DirectorAcademic Level 10
Dr. Sunita SinghDeanAcademic Level 13A
Ms. Sunita TyagiAssistant RegistrarLevel 10
Mr. Surender SinghJr. ConsultantLevel 6
Dr. Suresh BabuDirectorAcademic Level 13A
Dr. Suresh BabuAssociate ProfessorAcademic Level 13A
Dr. Suresh BabuDeanAcademic Level 13A
Mr. Susheela DeviMTS (Office Attendant)Level 1
Mr. Sushil Kumar GaurComputer Programmer
Dr. Tanuja KothiyalProfessorAcademic Level 14
Prof. Tanuja SinghProfessor
Dr. Taposik BanerjeeAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Dr. Teena AnilAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Ms. Thokchom Bibinaz DeviAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Mr. U.C. MishraConsultant
Mr. Upendra Nath SinghAssistant RegistrarLevel 10
Dr. Urfat Anjem MirAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 11
Dr. Usha MudigantiAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 11
Dr. Usha MudigantiDeputy DeanAcademic Level 11
Dr. Vatsala SaxenaAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Dr. Vebhuti DuggalAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Dr. Venugopal MaddipatiDean InchargeAcademic Level 10
Dr. Vikram Singh ThakurAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 11
Mr. Vinod R.Assistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Mr. Virender Singh RawatCaretakerLevel 4
Mr. Wrick MitraAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 10
Mr. Yatinder SinghCaretakerLevel 4
Dr. Yogesh SnehiAssistant ProfessorAcademic Level 12
Mr. Yusuf Raza NaqviAssistantLevel 4