Registrar Office

Registrar Office

The office of the Registrar serves the University by performing a wide range of functions related to governance, academic administration and records management. The office assists in the planning and managing a variety of administrative management projects in support of academic activities. It provides professional, technical, administrative and liaison support in functional areas including human resources management, acquisition, contract management, safety and security, infrastructure & facilities management and general administrative services.

The Registrar’s office comprises of the following divisions/ cells:

1. HR Division

The HR Division implements long term human resources policy, career development & innovative talent management strategies, development programs and mentoring support. It maintains an employee database to assist in decision-making on staffing matters.

2. General Administration

The Administration Division provides administrative and logistical support to the entire university. It carries out tasks like procurement, contract management, asset management, printing, advertisement and publicity, empanelment of hospitals, management of medical and other claims, management of the travel desk and other related tasks for the university community.

3. Estate Division

The Estate Division carries out maintenance of all infrastructure and facilities including the buildings, roads, lawns, housekeeping and sanitation services. It is also responsible for providing effective security cover for men and material of the University and for ensuring that security measures at AUD are strictly adhered to. It looks after the University’s interface with all external utilities like power, water, municipal authorities etc.

4. Engineering and Maintenance Unit

The Engineering and Maintenance Unit of Ambedkar University Delhi provides technical assistance to the University for maintaining its building infrastructure, services (electrical, air conditioning, plumbing etc.) including repair, renovation, addition/alteration works. The role of the unit is planning, estimation, tendering and execution of works of its existing campuses. The E&M Unit also initiate some works that are to be done through PWD as and when required. The Engineering and Maintenance Unit works towards optimum utilization of the buildings of the University through proper repair and maintenance work, and towards providing a facilitative work environment to the stakeholders of the University.

5. Governance Division

The Governance Division works closely with the office of the Vice Chancellor towards smooth functioning of structures and procedures for decision-making, accountability, control and codes of conduct. It is responsible for assisting the statutory decision-making bodies of the University (like the University Court, the Board of Management, the Academic Council, the Establishment Committee and the Planning Board) in the discharge of their functions. The Division is the repository of statutes, legislations, policies and by-laws related with functioning of the University.

6. Training Division

This division is responsible for all tasks related to training and professional development of the non-teaching staff of the university. Professional development activities include workshops, conferences, exchange programs, refresher courses, study tours and other activities approved by the Competent Authority from time to time. In keeping with AUD’s commitment to continuous professional development of administrative staff, the university follows a blended approach to training and capacity building, which includes in-house and external trainings of existing as well as new non-teaching staff members.