Composition of Internal Quality Assurance Cell is as under:

i.Vice ChancellorChairperson

Ex-Officio Members

ii.Pro-Vice ChancellorsMembers
iii.Dean, PlanningMembers
iv.Dean, Student ServicesMembers

Deans of Schools and Directors of Centres

viProfessor Amol Padwad, Director CELEDirector IQAC
viiProfessor Denys Leighton, Director CCKMember
viii.Professor Radharani Chakravarti, Dean SoLMember

Thirteen Teachers to be nominated by the Vice Chancellor

ix.Dr. Parag Waknis, Associate Professor, SLS AssociateAssociate,Director IQAC
x.Dr. Santhosh S, Assistant Professor, SCCEAssociate Director, IQAC
xi.Ms. Manasi Thapliyal, Assistant Professor, SESAssociate Director, IQAC
xii.Dr. Partha Saha, Associate Professor, SGASGA Member
xiii.Dr. Rachana Chaudhary, Associate Professor, SHSSHS Member
xiv.Dr. Vikram Singh Thakur, Assistant Professor, SoLSoL Member
xv.Dr. Kritika Mathur, Assistant Professor, SBPPSESBPPSE Member
xvi.Dr. Javed Iqbal Wani, Assistant Professor, SLGCSLGC Member
xvii.Dr. Hemlata Oinam Devi, Assistant Professor, SESSHE Member
xviiiMr. Nikhil Singh Charak, Prog Manager, SVSSVS Member
xix.Dr. Moggallan Bharti, Assistant Professor, SDSSDS Member
xxDr. Usha Mudiganti, Assistant Professor SUS/SoLSUS/SoL Member
xxiMs. Divya Chopra, Assistant Professor,SDesSDes Member


Two Non-Teaching Staff

xxii.Assistant Registrar, Student ServicesMember
xxiiiAssistant Registrar, PlanningMember

One External member from AC / BoM/ PB / Court

xxiv.Professor A.R. Khan (Member, Planning Board)Member

2-4 nominees from local society/Alumni / Students

xxv.Dr. Archana Thakur,Joint Secretary, University Grants Commission (UGC)
xxvi.Professor Bajpayee,Registrar, National Law University (NLU)
xxvii.Ms Sugandha Tyagi,(Batch 2013-15, MBA)Head of Collections, Meltwater
xxviii.Ms. Bhuvaneshwari Subramanian, PhD Student, SDS

1-2 nominees from Employers/Industrialists/Stakeholders

xxix.Mr. Vivek Mehra, CEO & MD, Sage Publications IndiaMember
xxx.Dr. Avinash Kumar, Director Programmes & Policy, Wateraid IndiaMember


The term of non ex-officio members of the  IQAC shall be for a period of two years or until their term against the respective category whichever is earlier from the date of this Notification.

The IQAC shall follow the guidelines issued by the NAAC and adopted by the Dr. B. R Ambedkar University Delhi from time to time with regard to its functioning.