AUD Events

AUD Events

Event Date :- 19-April-2023
Event Time :-
Venue :- Qutab Institutional Area campus


The time spent in Purana Qila getting first and experience from the experts was fruitful and well spent. For instance, there we got a chance to apply the already gained theoretical knowledge in a practical setting. We could apply everything that we had studied in our classroom. It was an enriching experience to get hands-on experience under the guidance of eminent archaeologists. Our training in the field began with understanding the important aspects of field archaeology i.e. selection of mounds, identification of structure in strata, and most importantly identification of pottery.

While working on the site we got to learn many things which include features of topography, chronological order of Kushan to Delhi sultanate and their settlement pattern, declining features of urbanization, pottery as indispensable vestiges to trace the archaeological history of pre-existing settlements, features of different potteries from the different time period, the utility of wares, utility of tools and how each tool demands perfection, especially doing such complex work. Apart from this, we learned the importance of patience and resilience required in the field while digging.

One part of field archaeology is excavation and another is conservation. The students were also exposed to the concept of in-situ conservation or on-site conservation. They were trained to handle delicate antiquities with tools and learned how to store, manage, collect, and mark the objects in a professional manner.

On the last day, we did pottery sorting in the pottery yard which provided us a better understanding of pottery identification and analysis.

Our supervisors who were handling the excavation site were very humble in nature to share informative knowledge and guide us at every step whenever needed. The overall experience was wholesome. And we would love to latch on to such opportunities in the future as well.

The students extend their gratitude to the Dean (SHRM), Professors for providing such an enriching and knowledgeable learning experience.
By: Aditi, Ankit, Dhruv, Isha, Jo, Kritika, Pratishtha, Rashi (MAHM), Ritwika & Shrishti (MCPHM)