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On meaning of research in the fields of performing arts, creative writing and design
2 – 4.30 pm, 24th July Room: WS3, Kashmere Gate Campus

Facilitated by
Centre for Research Methods
Speakers Anup Kumar Dhar | Deepan Sivaraman | Divya Chopra | Rajan Krishnan | Suchitra Balasubrahmanyan

‘Research methodology’, is a vast canvas stretched along many dimensions by the constituent academic disciplines, their respective practice and underpinning theoretical systems. Meaning, nature and relevance of ‘research’ and ‘research methodology’ get problematized and understood differently across and within different academic fields ranging from social sciences, humanities to creative disciplines such as design and performing arts, and natural sciences. AUD, endowed with a wide range of schools, centres, programs and forums has both the need and competence to reconcile with such a broad understanding of research methodology and to reflect on challenges faced by academic disciplines and practice fields. This discussion is being organised in this backdrop, with an aim to focus on meaning of research in the fields of performing arts, creative writing and design, anchored around the following set of questions.

Session 1: Meaning 1. What is the meaning of research in these fields/disciplines? 2. What key attributes of these fields warrant a separate treatment these researches? 3. How do we reconcile with the idea of ‘knowledge production as the defining/ constitutive element of research’? 4. On unpacking the term ‘research’ in conjunction with creative practice, exclusively or coupled with functional objectives, is it possible to mover further to explore how do these terms overlap with and constitute each other?

Session 2: Theory 5. What are the theoretical perspectives, value orientations and concepts that guide research in these disciplines? 6. Should we differentiate research in these disciplines from ‘practice based research’; for instance, from action research in development sector? 7. Are research practices within this set of disciplines diverse?

Session 3: Research practice 8. Are there unique sets of methods put into use in these disciplines? What are they? 9. What are the outputs of these researches - creative and or functional/utilitarian? How to present these outputs? 10. What should be the basis of assessing and evaluating these research practices?

Session 4: Concluding 11. Concluding points