AUD Events

AUD Events

Event Date :- 05-August-2019 To 15-August-2019
Event Time :- 1 pm
Venue :- Kashmere Gate campus, AUD

Orientation Programme 2019

Orientation Programme 2019Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University Delhi (AUD) conducted an orientation programe for newly admitted students of all Under Graduate programme on 01.08.2019. Dean Student Services addressed the students and asked them to join the University in achieving the ideals of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. Prof. Anu Singh Lather, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor congratulated the students on their correct decision in choosing the University. She reiterated the vision of the University as “The University aspires to combine equity and social justice with excellence, and to pioneer an institutional culture of non-hierarchical functioning, team work and creativity. The University strongly believes that no knowledge becomes socially productive unless it spreads across society, transcending barriers of caste, creed and class. Only then can teaching and learning become liberating undertakings, contributing to the promotion of equality, social justice and excellence.”

She further said that the vision is translated into action in the teaching learning process of the University. She expressed appreciation for the faculty, staff and above all students of the University in realizing this vision. She said the students are the ambassadors of the University. She also thanked media for being a supportive partner in establishing AUD as a brand. She gave her sincere thanks to Govt. of NCT of Delhi for the generous support to the University.

She encouraged students to be socially sensitive and emotionally balanced along with being highly skilled and competent. She emphasized that human virtues are very important and one can be great only by taking small steps of humanity. The education from the books and the class should be translated into actions and deeds. Attitude of gratitude is very important quality and which reflects on being human. Students should have gratitude for parents, society, government and the Nation. She encouraged the students to develop the spirit of entrepreneurship and be a job creator. Students should have their own opinion and be an institution in themselves. Narrating the purpose of education, she mentioned the following shloka:

विद्यां ददाति विनयं विनयाद् याति पात्रताम् ।
पात्रत्वात् धनमाप्नोति धनात् धर्मं ततः सुखम् ॥

She ended her speech congratulating selected students and their parents again.

Shri Vijay Dev, IAS, Hon’ble Chief Secretary, GNCTD addressed the audience. He congratulated the students for making it to AUD which is a University with a difference. He said that the University focuses on many facets which are probably non-existent in other universities like emphasis on social needs, immersive curriculum and pedagogy etc.

He said that youth is the major dividend the country has. To ensure that energy of youth is appropriately channelized and this dividend does not turn into disaster like in some of the countries in Africa, all of us must discharge certain set of duties. These duties can be categorized under following heads:

  • Duties towards oneself.
  • Duties towards other people
  • Duties towards things

Duties towards oneself comprises of the following:

  • Duty to stay fit and healthy. We all must follow healthy dietary regime and healthy fitness regime.
  • To keep our mind healthy we must shed aggression and embrace humility. A mind which is aggressive cannot be at rest. Mind at peace is lighter and healthier. We must all shed stress and embrace cheerfulness.
  • For a healthy soul, we all must lose the battle i.e. battle with the conscience. In this way, we will be able to listen to the commandments of almighty.
  • We should excel in whatever we do, without excellence mediocracy will prevail. Good is not good when better is expected and good is bad when best is expected. Teachers are like alchemist who can convert stone into diamonds. Without perspiration and toiling, excellence will not come. For graphite to become diamonds it should be able to tolerate immense pressure and temperature.

Duties towards other includes tolerance, compassion, cordiality that we should show towards others. Men should always treat woman with respect. We should always be connected to our roots and respect our culture and heritage.

Duties towards things includes being a good citizen with good civic sense.

The University will give you the required education but the onus lies on you. I give my best wishes to all of you.

The event ended with a vote of thanks.

In the second session, the orientation included presentation by Deans of Schools offering UG programmes. Presentation was given by Dean of School of Undergraduate Studies, Dean of School of Law and Politics and Dean of School of Global Affairs