What's happening

We would like to invite you to the opening of 'Un-dure', the Online Degree Show of the MA Visual Art programme (batch of 2018-20) of the School of Culture and Creative Expressions, Ambedkar University Delhi. 

Over the past few months, unforeseen circumstances have unfolded in the form of pandemic. It has resulted in a complete derailing of our ongoing preparations for the degree show, which would mark the culmination of our two-year-long journey through the Masters programme.The new and unsettling experiences have forced us to reckon with our individual and collective art practices─they have driven us to rethink our ideas, materials, techniques, audiences, and our languages. 

We have coined the word 'Un-dure'  to mark our collective efforts, which attempt at weaving a creative rejoinder to these thoughts and emotions through an exploration of the material potential that the internet and the digital medium has to offer.

Link to the online degree show: https://va-scce-aud.in/  Please note that the site is best viewed on a desktop/computer interface.

The website will go live from the 15th May, 5 pm IST. 

The show will be accompanied by a programme of live performances, virtual walkthrough and discussion, details of which will be updated on the website and the Facebook page for the event.