AUD Events

AUD Events

Event Date :- 06-November-2019
Event Time :- 02:00 pm
Venue :- G-3, Karampura campus, AUD

School of Law, Governance and Citizenship Ambedkar University Delhi (AUD)

invites you to a talk on Polyrhythms of Citizenship: Scale/Sites and Belonging

by Anupama Roy (Professor at Centre for Political Studies, JNU)


About the talk:

As an essentially contested concept, citizenship garners and generates a range of meanings, which make it intelligible in specific contexts. The idea of ‘polyrhythms’ is being invoked in this presentation to explore the variegated sites of contemporary citizenship, to understand the frames, forms and processes through which citizenship becomes intelligible. This talk proposes that citizenship as legal membership in the nation-state is made obtuse by the logic of scale of belonging. It argues that citizenship is made comprehensible in specific sites which express and offer distinct possibilities of/constraints on belonging. The polyrhythms of citizenship which emerge through these expressions constitute the landscape of citizenship in contemporary India.

About the speaker:

Anupama Roy is a Professor at the Centre for Political Studies in Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi. Her research interests straddle legal studies, political anthropology of political institutions, political ideas, and gender studies. She is the author of the books Gendered Citizenship: Historical and Conceptual Explorations (Orient Longman, 2005, paperback, 2013), Mapping Citizenship in India (Oxford University Press, 2010, reprinted 2015), Citizenship in India brought out in 2016 by Oxford University Press in the Oxford India Short Introduction Series. She has co-authored the book Election Commission of India (OUP, 2019), and has co-edited Poverty, Gender and Migration in South Asia (Sage, 2008).