AUD Events

AUD Events

Event Date :- 13-September-2019
Event Time :- 11 am
Venue :- N-3, Kashmere Gate campus, AUD

This talk will begin with four visual narratives of Women's participation in Panchayats and The Hunger Project has a big role to strengthen this participation

The Hunger Project (THP) in India has built and strengthened the leadership of over 183,000 Elected Women Representatives (EWRs) since 2001.

THPs interventions seek to ensure that rural elected women are enabled to engage with and challenge structures that impede their full participation in democracy as effective leaders, where they have an equal “voice”. The programmes are born out of the existing gender inequality in social and political spaces of elected women. Programmes support an enabling environment for Elected Women Representatives to exercise their leadership fearlessly for democratic development of their Panchayats, ensuring basic human rights for all.

Title of the talk - From Representation to Participation: Women in Panchayats


Ruchi Yadav, Senior Director – Programme & Operations, The Hunger Project, India

PUSHPA DEVI: Ward Member, Bihar, India.