Filing of Complaints and Redressal

Filing of Complaints and Redressal

Proper procedure for filing of complaints will be followed and privacy of all parties concerned will be rigorously upheld by the CPSH. Both parties will be given equal and fair chance to represent their views and principles of transparency and accountability will be strictly observed in any procedure followed by the CPSH.

The complaint is given in a written form to the CPSH and inquiry, recommendations by the CPSH and action taken by appropriate offices should not exceed a period of three months from the date of receiving the complaint.

There is a list of penalties provided for differing degrees of the offence of sexual harassment. The CPSH can recommend a penalty from, but is not limited by this list, if so required.

There will be an Appeals Committee to provide for the provision of appeal if so required by either party.

All committees will function in accordance with the general principles of natural justice.

 University shall take action based on the recommendations made by the CPSH within a stipulated time frame of three weeks from the time of receipt of the CPSH report as provided for in the Policy.