Faculty Profile


Prof. Rukmini Sen


  • PhD Sociology, Department of Sociology, University of Calcutta, Kolkata 2008

"Title of PhD thesis: Gendered Construction of Culture of Silence/Insignificant Articulation"

  • MA Sociology, Centre for Studies in Social Systems, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, 2000
  • BA Sociology, Presidency College, University of Calcutta, Kolkata, 1998

Past Experience

  • Assistant Professor at WB National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkta 2002-2009
  • Junior Fellow at Centre for Women’s Development Studies, New Delhi January 2010-January 2011
  • Assistant Professor, School of Liberal Studies, Ambedkar University Delhi 2011-2015
  •  Associate Professor, School of Liberal Studies, Ambedkar University Delhi 2015-2018

My Zone / Area of Expertise

  • Sociology of Law
  • Sociology of Kinship and Intimacy
  • Feminist Pedagogy and Jurisprudence
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Disability Studies

Courses Taught at AUD:

  • Gender and Society (SUS)
  • Politics, Law and Society (SUS)
  • Indian Society: Contradictions, Complexity and Paradoxes (SUS)
  • Culture, Hierarchy and Difference (MA Sociology)
  • Relationships and Affinities (MA Sociology)
  • Law and Society (MA Sociology)
  • Violence: Feminist Resistance and Critiques (MA Gender Studies)
  • Theoretical Issues in Sociological Research (PhD Sociology)
  • Women’s Movements (MPhil, Women and Gender Studies)
  • Researching the Rural (MPhil Development Practice)


Part of National /International Collaborations

  • Co-investigator, Feminist Taleem: Teaching Feminisms, Transforming Lives: Questions of Identity, Pedagogy and Violence in India and the UK (2017-19; Ongoing). This project is funded by UGC-UKERI in collaboration with University of Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Curated ‘City through Feminist Lens’, a walking tour across the city of Delhi, as part of the above-mentioned UGC UKERI project (https://feministtaleem.net/city-of-delhi-through-a-feminist-lens-2017-booklet-1/). The walk intended to understand the city through the role of women’s colleges, hostels, women’s political associations and women’s journalists collectives played in the life of the city of Delhi
  • Partnering from AUD on Women’s Equality, Empowerment and Leadership through Safe Higher Educational and Work Spaces as part of the Women in Security, Conflict Management and Peace (WISCOMP) project on Youth Countering Violence against Women in India
  • Part of AUD team working as Knowledge Partner at the International Conference on “Making Non Traditional Livelihoods Work for the Marginalised” organized by Azad Foundation, New Delhi
  • Part of panel of experts for Partners for Law and Development (2018) publication titled ‘Rape Law and Constructions of Sexuality’ where detailed academic input was provided into the conceptualisation and imagination of this reader-friendly resource book on sexuality and the inter-linkages with sexual violence. The resource book is intended for social workers and activists as a tool for consciousness raising https://www.academia.edu/36383482/The_Rape_Law_and_Constructions_of_Sexuality
  • Co-investigator for a project titled A History of Gender Training in Delhi (November 2016-February 2017) under the Dyason Fellowship award, University of Melbournehttps://www.academia.edu/36383482/The_Rape_Law_and_Constructions_of_Sexuality
  • Principal Investigator in Remembering, Recasting and Re-negotiating: Hearing Her Perspectives on institutional Histories, funded by Indian Council of Social Science Research (2011-13)

International Fellowships/Workshops

  • June 2012: Selected to participate at a two-week workshop titled ‘Theatre and Civil Society: Politics, Public Space and Performance’ organized by Brown International Advanced Research Institute of Brown University, Providence, USA
  • April 2011: Visiting Fellow at the School of Law, University of Keele under the PECANS fellowship on Law, Gender and Sexuality, 3--14, April 2011
  • June 2010: Selected to participate at inaugural two-week workshop titled ‘Global Law and Economic Policy’ organized by the Institute of Global Law and Policy, Harvard Law School, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA.
  • February 2007: Part of a even member team from South Asia on International Visitor Leadership Program organized by the US State Department of Education and Cultural Affairs on Human Rights Awareness

Research Supervision at AUD: (Title of Thesis/Discipline/Year of granting degree)

MPhil- 10 awarded

  • Women and the Vocation of Politics: the Gendered Nature of Electoral Competition, MPhil in Women and Gender Studies, Degree granted 2014
  • Invisible Lives in Visible Histories: Women Negotiating the transition from Private to Public, MPhil in Women and Gender Studies, Degree granted 2016
  • Sexual Subaltern/ity and Queer Activism in India: A Search at the Interstice, MPhil in Women and Gender Studies, Degree granted 2016
  • “Lower Caste” Women’s Question: An Exploration of Terminologies and Themes, MPhil in Women and Gender Studies, Degree granted 2018
  • Transforming the Political – Politicizing Transformation: The Journey of Eka Nari Sanghathan in Emaliguda, Odisha, MPhil in Development Practice, Degree granted 2015
  • From Beneficiary to Relationality? A Description of ‘Collective’ Lives among Sopo villagers of Gumla, Jharkhand, MPhil in Development Practice, Degree granted 2016
  • Recast(e)ing Dining Practices in Rural: A Transformative Action Initiating Inter-dining Practices in Daihar, Hazaribagh District, Jharkhand, MPhil in Development Practice, Degree granted 2018
  • Rethinking Violence, Understanding Domesticity: A journey with Sangwari, in Dokal, Dhamtari, Chattisgarh, MPhil in Development Practice,Degree granted 2018
  • Life of Hadiya: (Re) Thinking Nasha and Violence: Moving away from State and Urban centric Developmental Response, MPhil in Development Practice, Degree granted 2018
  • Once Upon a Different Life: Migration of Santal tribal girls for domestic work in Indian metropoles, MPhil in Development Practice, Degree granted 2019
  • Research Supervision (Ongoing)
  • Queer Politics and the Law in India: Reading Judgments and Narratives, MPhil Women and Gender Studies, (MPhil Thesis, Women and Gender Studies submitted 2019)
  • Re-Imagining a Dialogue on Marriage and Practices like Dhuku among women in Gumla, Jharkhand , MPhil Development Practice, (MPhil Thesis, Development Practice submitted 2019)
  • Being Remo: Analysing Bonda (PVTG) Identity in Ethnography and Fiction, PhD Women and Gender Studies
  • Examining Marriage through Mediation Process; Study of Matrimonial Disputes in Delhi, PhD Sociology


Seminar / Conferences

  • May 2019 (Keynote address) Writing the Self, Walking with the Social: Feminist Reflections on Knowing and Knowledge in Decolonising Feminist Knowledge: Reflections on Research and Curriculum, Workshop at the University of Edinburgh, UK
  • April 2019 Intimacy, Transgression, Ethics: Scripts and Silences in Gendered Academia, at the International Symposium on Comparative Perspectives of #MeToo, University of Kentucky Lexington, USA
  • February 2019 Intimacy and Transgression: Conversations, Care, Complaint as part of a conference Intimacy and Injury: in the wake of #Metoo in India and South Africa, organized by Governing Intimacies project of University of Witswaterstrand, South Africa
  • November 2018 (Keynote Address) at national Seminar on Succession Act and Women organized by Tarabai Shinde Women’s Studies Centre, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad, 30
  • October 2018 Presented a commentary to a re-written judgment Uday v State of Karnataka, as part of the Indian Feminist Judgment Project (details http://ohrh.law.ox.ac.uk/the-indian-feminist-judgment-project/)
  • September, 2018 From affirmative action to affirming presence in University spaces: Valuing difference in language and practice as part of International Conference on Affirmative Action and the Sustainable Development Goals of Gender Equality organized by Tamil Nadu National Law University, Tiruchirappalli
  • April 2018 Panelist in a session titled Varieties of Activism: Strategies, Experiences, Prospects at Kings Transnational Law Summit on The New Human Condition: Creating Justice for Our Future' at Kings College London, United Kingdom
  • April 2018 Creation of (legal) Rights and Co-existence of (social) wrongs: Dilemmas on Citizenship at Kings Transnational Law Summit on The New Human Condition: Creating Justice for Our Future' at Kings College London, United Kingdom
  • April 2018 Between discomfort and negotiation: law as a ‘troubled’ space in feminist pedagogies as part of International Feminist Journal of Politics conference Feminism+Knowledge+Politics at University of San Francisco, USA
  • February 2018 From perspective to discipline: Mapping 40 years of women’s/gender studies in India, as part of UGC-UKERI Project Teaching Feminisms, Transforming Lives, at University of Edinburgh, UK
  • August 2017 Sexual ‘minorities’ and the juridical: Site between reclaim and rejection?, in the national conference, Problematizing sexuality and violence: deconstructing institutions, norms and narratives in India, organized by Department of Political Science and Research Network of feminist Engagements with Law and Society, University of Delhi
  • March 2018 Historical overview of Rape Law Reforms and changes in vocabulary, in the national workshop, Sexuality, sexual violence and the law: Unpacking contradictions and expanding sites of action, organized by Partners for Law and Development, New Delhi
  • October 2017 Constructions of motherhood through maternity ‘benefits’: Mapping a legal landscape in India, in the national seminar, Rethinking gender and body in times of health sector reforms in India, organized by Centre for the Study of Society and Development at Central University of Gujarat, Gandhinagar
  • September 2017 From care to maintenance: The aged in times of changing familial geographies, in the national conference, Ageing, ageism and cultures, organized by Department of English, Centre of Advanced Study, Jadavpur University, Kolkata


Academic Panels organized in National/International Conferences

  • (2018) Organized as Co-Convenor panel titled ‘Women and Public Spaces: Questions of Sexuality, Visibility and Freedom’ at 25th European Conference for South Asian Studies, Paris, 24-27 July 2018
  • (2017) Organized a sub-theme session titled, Inevitability of law and the impossibility of law: Resistances and recognition, in a panel discussion, Women in a changing world: Restructured inequalities, counter-currents and sites of resistance, in the Indian Association for Women’s Studies conference at University of Madras, Chennai, 22–25 January 2017
  • (2016) Organized a panel titled, Between evidence and truth: Voices and silences, in an international conference, Thinking with evidence: Seeking certainty, making truth, organized by Law and Social Science Research Network, New Delhi, 12 December 2016. This was an AUD panel, with all four papers presented were made by present or alumni AUD students
  • (2014) Reading Affect in Law: Mapping Love, Labour, Lust and Violence’ at the International Conference titled ‘“Left” in the Dark? Postcolonial Conversations on Law, Neoliberalism and Queer-Feminist Futures’, at Jindal Global Law School, Sonepat