Faculty Profile


Dr. Ashis Roy


Ashis Roy has a Masters degree in Psychology from the University of Delhi. Following his post graduation, he completed a three-year program on ‘Training as a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist’ at the Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies, University of Delhi. He is currently pursuing his doctorate—an exploration of the notions of ‘Self’ and the ‘Other’ in intimate Hindu-Muslim relationships—from the Department of Psychology, University of Delhi. He is interested in exploring the relevance of psychoanalytic clinical thinking in the field of qualitative research. 

Past Experience

Ashis has been a consultant for non-governmental organizations such as Saathi, Prayas, Salam Balak Trust and Pradan. His work involved interviewing and understanding repatriated children and adolescents, and documenting their journey from the streets to their homes, and engaging with issues of poverty and mental health. 

He has worked as Guest Faculty in Zakir Husain College and Indraprastha College for Women, University of Delhi, and as a Counsellor in Delhi Police Public School, New Delhi.

My Zone / Area of Expertise

His doctoral work is titled : A Journey to Commitment: A Psychodynamic Study of the Self and the Other in Intimate Hindu-Muslim relationships. It focuses on the role of the community in psychic development, with an emphasis on the negative identity and explores Hindu Muslim identities in interpersonal intimate contexts. Drawing from thinkers like Erik Erikson, Donald Winnicott, Thomas Ogden, Sudhir Kakar, Michael Eigen, Andre Green and Adam Phillips, this work is about the intimate space of the relationship as processing the notion of the Other in couples.

Dr Roy has been practising as a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist since 2009 as well. He has supervised many research works of post-graduate students in the field of suicide, psychosis, childhood and other areas, while creating a frame of clinical research in India, where narratives emanating from psychotherapy are the central focus. He works with young adults and is especially interested in states of fragmentation and negation in his patients.

He has been an active member on the online Eigen workshop, dedicated to the writings of Michael Eigen and through this he has become more concerned about developing what is Indian about psychoanalysis. He is a training candidate with Indian Psychoanalytic Society, Kolkata (IPA).



  • Limitlessness and Fragmentation (Annual Conference of International Society Social and Psychological Apporaches for Working with Psychosis, Boston - 2016)
  • Intimacy in Alienation: Witnessing the Making of a Hindu-Muslim Dyad (New Delhi, 2017 - Fourth International Indo Japanese Psychoanalytic Conference) and presented at the 50th International Psychoanalytic Association Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Clinical Case Presentation at the First International Psychoanalytic Conference in Taipei - Asian Oedipus, May 2017;
  • A Hindu Woman’s Desire for a Muslim man - Witnessing a Silent Resolve, upcoming presentation - Intimacy in Alienation: Witnessing the Making of a Hindu-Muslim Dyad,
  • Counterdreaming : Gathering Disintegrated Selves - India - Australia - Israel Biannual Conference, PTRC Mumbai, September 2018.
  • Participant in Seminar on the works of Christopher Bollas in Dartington Hall, London, August 2018.
  • Multi cultural Interspecificity workshop - at the European Federation of Psychoanalysis Conference, Spain, May 2019.



  • Imagining Undreamt Selves in a book titled Counter dreamers: Analysts reading themselves editor :Meg Harris Williams and Miriam Botbol.
  • Evocative Teaching : A Psychoanalytic Reflection - - A Song Called Teaching : Ebbs and Flows of Experiential and Empathetic Pedagogies". Ed by Prof Honey Oberoi Vahali