Faculty Profile


Dr. Shelly Pandey


Shelly Pandey is a graduate in History from Hindu College, University of Delhi. Her Post-Graduation is in Demography from Lucknow University. Her PhD is from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi on gendered experiences of globalized work world in India. Her research interests include interdisciplinary approach to study gender, urban spaces, globalization, ICT and work

Past Experience

Post-Doctoral fellow at Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, Teen Murti Bhawan, New Delhi. Prior to this, she was a fellow at Women’s Studies and Development Centre University of Delhi.

My Zone / Area of Expertise

Her teaching areas include Research Methods, Violence and Gender, Work and Labour


Shelly Pandey is the recipient of M. N. Srinivas Memorial Prize 2012 awarded by Indian Sociological Society for her paper 'Private space in public transport: locating gender in Delhi Metro,' published in Economic and Political Weekly.


Journal Articles

  • 2011. Private space in public transport: Locating gender in Delhi Metro, Economic and Political Weekly, XLVI (51).
  • 2011. Marriage and Midnight Work: A Qualitative Study of Unmarried Women Call Center Agents in India, Marriage & Family Review, 47(4), 197-212. (Taylor & Francis Publications).
  • 2011. Cabs, male drivers & mid-night commuting: Public space of unmarried women call center employees in India. AI & Society: Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Communication. (Springer).
  • 2009. I would not have been working here: Parental Support to Unmarried Daughters as Call Center Agents in India. Gender, Technology and Development, Vol. 13(3). Sage publication.

Book Chapters

  • 2018: Reinterpreting Gender in Globalizing India: Afghan Sikhs negotiating Modernity in Delhi City, in an edited volume; Routledge Companion to Modernity, Space and Gender, Alexandra Stub (editor).
  • 2017: New Meanings of Motherhood in Middle class homes in India, in an edited book, Locating Gender in the new Middle Class in India, published by IIAS, Shimla.
  • 2013. Consumer Agency of Urban Women in India. In Mathur, N (ed) Consumer Culture, Modernity and Identity. India, Sage.
  • 2012. Western work worlds and Altering Approaches to Marriage: An Empirical Study of Women Employees of Call Centers in India. In Pande. R., Weide. T. & Flipsen. N. (Ed.) Globalization, Technology Diffusion and Gender Disparity: Social Impacts of ICTs.USA: IGI.
  • 2009. Parents Reactions to Daughter’s Unconventional Work Hours at Call Centers in India. In Bhatt, M. S. & Illiyan, A. (Ed.) Information Technology (IT) in the Indian Economy (p-231-243). India: New Century Publication.


  • Women’s Studies in India: A Journey of 25 Years- Co-editor


  • Book Review, title- Working the Night Shift: Women in India's Call Center Industry, author- Reena Patel, Publisher-Orient Blackswan. Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific Issue 30, November 2012.
  • Book Review, title- South Asian Feminism, authors- Ania Loomba and Ritty A. Lukose, Publisher- Duke University Press. Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific Issue 33, October 2013.