Faculty Profile


Dr. Oinam Hemlata Devi


Dr Oinam Hemlata Devi, received her M Sc (Social Anthropology) and PhD Degree from the University of Delhi. Her doctoral dissertation dealt with the ecological, cultural and health issues of communities in Manipur, India. She also has a PG Diploma in Environmental Law & Management from the Indian Law Institute, Delhi.

Past Experience

Dr Oinam Hemlata Devi taught at the Department of Anthropology, Delhi University as an Assistant Professor (2008 – 2009) dealing with subject areas such as Anthropological Theories; Social Institutions; Human Ecology: Socio-cultural Dimensions; Kinship, Family and Marriage; Transformations of Tribal Societies in India and Material Culture.


My Zone / Area of Expertise

She has been a part of many field works in the state of Himachal Pradesh and Manipur in the course of her research and teaching career. Her research interests are Health studies, ethnographic studies, Indigenous knowledge Systems, Environmental issues.



  • Devi, O.H. (2015). “Changing aspects of weaving Culture in Manipur” In Chakravartty, D.N. & Sarkar, S. (Eds.). Objects, Identities Meanings: Insider perspectives from North East India(pp.1-17). New Delhi: Ambedkar University Delhi.
  • Devi, O.B., Ishani, O. & Devi, O.H. (2013). Demography, Migration and Rural Development: The Manipur Experience. In Das, P., & Dipankar Chatterjee (Eds.). Livelihoods and Health: Issues and Process in Rural Development (pp. 150-161). New Delhi: Serial Publications.
  • Devi, O.H. (2013). “Hygiene and Common diseases in the health care systems of a rural village in Manipur” In Das, P., & Dipankar Chatterjee (Eds.). Livelihoods and Health: Issues and Process in Rural Development (pp.428-446). New Delhi: Serial Publications.
  • Contributed 5 modules in UGC-CEC e-content programme, EMMRC Manipur University, National Mission Programme of e-Packaging (Recorded in 2011, launched in January, 2014 )
  • Module No. 43: Concept and Scope of Social and Cultural Anthropology.
  • Module No. 44: Relationship of Social and Cultural Anthropology with History, Economics, Psychology.
  • Module No. 45: Relationship of Social and Cultural Anthropology with Political Science, Linguistic and Sociology.
  • Module 49: Society and Culture.
  • Module 168: Footnotes, reference, bibliography and appendix.
  • Contributed 8 units in PG Diploma Sustainability Science, IGNOU 2011.
  • Unit: Introduction to Society and Culture.
  • Unit: Human Ecology.
  • Unit: Sustainability to society and culture.
  • Unit: Environment and Human relationship.
  • Unit: The equity Principle.
  • Unit: Human Rights and responsibilities.
  • Unit: Community Participation.
  • Unit: Responsibility of Homo sapiens towards other living creatures.
  • Devi, O. H., Kaushal, S., Katewa,S., & Joshi,P.C. (2006). “Dynamics of health and ecology - a study of indigenous medicine among the Karang fishermen of Manipur” In Sukant, K Chaudhuri (Ed.) Culture, Ecology and Sustainable Development (pp.137-152).New Delhi: Mittal publications.
  • Joshi,P.C., Kaushal,S., Katewa,S., & Devi, O.H. (2006). Witchcraft Beliefs and Practices among Oraons. Stud. Tribes Tribals, 4(2):145-149. New Delhi: Kamla Raj Publications.
  • Devi, O. H. & Devi, P. (2004). “Health care practices among tribes of Manipur” In A.K. Kalla and P.C. Joshi (Eds.) Tribal Health and Medicine (pp. 276-282). New Delhi: Concept Publishing House.

Seminar / Conferences


  • Devi, Oinam Hemlata (2016) Sacred Groves in Manipur: Concepts, meanings and practices presented at the Seminar “Conserving the sacred groves in North-east India: Perceptions, Practices and Policy Implications” Organised by IGRMS, Bhopal (4th and 5th March, 2016)
  • Devi, Oinam Hemlata (2016): Food and the shared commonalities: A comparative study of NE India & East and South East Asia presented at the Conference on “Oral Tradition: Continuity and Transformations, North East India and South East Asia” organised by ICH of INTACH and CCK of AUD at Shillong (1-4th February, 2016).
  • Devi, Oinam Hemlata (2015): IGRMS workshop on “Anthropology and Museums” for Teachers of Anthropology, 7th -9th January, 2015.
  • Training Programme (2014) on “Development of Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs)” NIRD, Hyderabad, 22nd -26th September, 2014.
  • Devi, Oinam Hemlata (2014): “Ethno medicine: An insight into cultural cohesion and ethnic identity” at 4th National Conference on “Challenges of Traditional Healing Systems and Healers in India: Socio-Cultural, Legal, Ethical, Habitat Conservation and Pharmacological Dimensions” ‘Society for Indian Medical Anthropology, Mysore, Karnataka’ & ‘University of Agricultural & Horticultural Sciences, Shimoga’ 22nd – 24th May, 2014.
  • Devi, Oinam Hemlata (2014): ICSSR Workshop on Capacity Building Programme for Faculty in Social Sciences, Department of Anthropology, University of Delhi, 3rd -14th February, 2014.
  • Devi, Oinam Hemlata (2013). “Documentation of Folk medicine and healers” in the 2nd phase workshop on the Post-Doctoral Initiation programme at ICSSR-NEHU Shillong from 27th -28th March, 2013.
  • Devi, Oinam Hemlata (2013). “Changing aspects of the weaving culture in Manipur” at Anthropological Congress, INCAA Kerala.
  • Devi, Oinam Hemlata (2012). “Childhood Experiences and Discourses: An Interpretation” at the congress of IUAES in KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, 25th -30th November, 2012.
  • Devi, Oinam Hemlata (2012). “Documentation of Folk medicine and healers” in the 1st phase workshop on the Post-Doctoral Initiation programme at ICSSR-NEHU Shillong, 21st -22nd November, 2012.
  • Devi, Oinam Hemlata (2012). “Women participation and Environment: An insider’s Perspectives” at International Symposium on Anthropology of Global Issues,University of Delhi,1st-3rd April, 2012.
  • Devi, Oinam Hemlata (2012). “Migration: Issues and Challenges (A case study)” at Inter-Congress in Anthropology: 2012 (INCAA), Lucknow University, U.P.
  • Devi, Oinam Hemlata (2012). “A glance at Tipaimukh Dam and People’s movement” at International Seminar on Resources, Tribes and State, 13th -15th February, 2012, RGU, Arunachal Pradesh.
  • Devi, Oinam Hemlata (2011). “Phoomdis and its Impact: A Socio-cultural System of the Karang fishermen of Manipur” at Inter-Congress in Anthropology: 2011 (INCAA), ASI, Kolkata.
  • Devi, Oinam Hemlata (2008): Caste in Himachal Pradesh, National Symposium on Tribes: Rethinking Paradigms in Anthropology, Delhi.
  • Devi, Oinam Hemlata (2005). “Traditional medicinal practices of the Karang fishermen of Manipur” at International conference on Enrichment of Human Life: Issues and Challenges held at the Department of Psychology, University of Delhi.
  • Devi, Oinam Hemlata (2005). “Indigenous medicine among the Karang Fishermen of Manipur” at International conference on Modern Trends in Forensic Science, Bundelkhand University, Jhanshi.
  • Devi, Oinam Hemlata (2004). “Health care practices among tribes of Manipur” at the National workshop on Emerging Issues in Tribal Health and Medicines held at the Dept. of Anthropology, University of Delhi.
  • 10 days training course (March, 2004) on “Social Reality and Methods in Social Science research” at Manipur University, sponsored by ICSSR, New Delhi.



  • The changing context of some selected motifs and vocabularies of its visual pattern in the Meitei textiles of Manipur (2010-11), component of NEF Project: “Material Culture” funded by Ambedkar University Delhi (AUD).
  • Culture and Ecology of Sacred Groves and Temples in Manipur (2013-16), funded by Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR).


  • Mapping Socio Ecological Vulnerability, 2013 funded by ICSSR as a team member.