Faculty Profile


Dr. Oinam Hemlata Devi


Ph.D. in Anthropology, University of Delhi, 2008

  • Thesis Title: “Ecosystem, Culture and Health: Medical anthropology of an island community and it’s comparison with an urban locality in Manipur”

M.Sc. in Anthropology, University of Delhi, 2003

P.G. Diploma in Environmental Law and Management, Indian Law Institute, New Delhi, 2010

Past Experience

Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc, 2008-09), Department of Anthropology, University of Delhi


My Zone / Area of Expertise



  • Career Aspiration, Self-Concept Clarity Among Insurgency Affected Youth: A Case Study of Manipur in the Context of Emerging Indian Job Market (2018-21) as a Co-PD funded by ICSSR, New Delhi.
  • Culture and Ecology of Sacred Groves and Temples in Manipur (2013-2016) as a Project Director (PD), funded by ICSSR, New Delhi.
  • Mapping Socio Ecological Vulnerability (2013 –2017) as a team member, funded by ICSSR, New Delhi
  • Material Culture (2010-11) NEF Project, funded by Ambedkar University Delhi.


  • Project PIRA, (IU-AUD-SEEDS-AUUP collaboration):School-based intervention using participatory approach and microbiological risk characterization on safe water and personal hygiene for children in low-income communities in urban New Delhi (2018) as one of the Co-PIs.

PH.D. SUPERVISION/Degree Awarded: 1 (One)


MA Prgramme : Courses

  • Research Methodology
  • Social and Political Ecology
  • Development and Public Health
  • Environment and Health

BA Programme: Courses

  • Health and Society
  • Food and Society


Health studies, ethnographic studies, Indigenous knowledge systems, Food studies, Environmental issues.


  • Sacred Groves in Manipur and its conceptualization using ‘Nature-Man-Spirit’ Complex (2020), lecture delivered online on 8 October, as part of a course on Folklore and Intangible Cultural Heritage at IGNCA, New Delhi.
  • Formulation of Research Problem (2020), lecture delivered online on 20th May, during the online workshop “Anthropological Research Techniques” at the Department of Anthropology, Manipur University (19-13 May).
  • Phoomdis and its impact: A socio-economic and ecological concern of the fishermen of Manipur (Talk and a discussant at the screening of a documentary on the floating hut dwellers of Loktak Lake, Manipur) at Satyawati College, Delhi University (4 September, 2018)
  • Adaptation to the challenges of environment and Human health through inter/multidisciplinary approaches (2018) ,Keynote address delivered in the National Seminar on Relevance of Medical Anthropology and tribal Health care systems in the globalizing world at Raipur, Chhattisgarh, 16-18 March, 2018.
  • Rethinking Successful Co-existence & Healing through the Diverseness (2015) at Indian Social Institute (ISI) on 7 November, organized by Peace Education Resource Centre, New Delhi.
  • Issues and Challenges of North-east India: An Insider’s Perspective (2015),Seminar Talk at CIE, DU, Delhi on 13 March, 2015.
  • Human Ecology through an anthropological lens (2014) at the Department of Anthropology, University of Delhi on a one-day Seminar “Celebrating the Spirit of Anthropology" 10 November, 2014.
  • “Environment and Health” (2012), Seminar Talk at the Department of Anthropology, Vidyasagar University, West Bengal on 28th November 2012.
  • Dr. Hemlata delivered online lectures on the following Blocks at CSD, IGNOU.
    • Culture, Society and Environment (12 Nov. 2011)
    • Developmental Pathways: Equity and Social Justice (3 Dec. 2011)
    • Social Change (14 Nov. 2013)
    • Indigenous Knowledge Systems (22 Nov. 2013)




  • Devi, O.H., & Daimai, M. (2020). Entomophagy and the Naga Tribes of North-Eastern India: An ethnographic account of the sociality of food through different narratives. Contemporary Social Scientist, XII (I): 75-80.
  • Pachuau, A.L., & Devi, O.H. (2020). Shifting Cultivation and the Politics of the Environment: A study of subsistence to Profit oriented level of Production in Mizoram. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, VI (1): 47-61.
  • Ningthoujam,S., Bansal, V.M., Singh, T., Devi, O.H., Zafar, M.& Imran, Md. (2019). Career Aspirations Among Youth in Manipur: Studying the Barriers to Aspirations in a Conflict Region. Journal of Career Development, doi:10.1177/0894845319890923
  • Devi, O.H. (2019). Manipur: The Jewel of India, NAM Today , LVXL (06), 49-52.
  • Ningthoujam,S., Bansal, V.M., Singh, T., Devi, O.H. & Zafar, M. (2018). An exploratory study on Career Aspirations and Self-Esteem among the Conflict Affected Youth of Manipur. Review of Professional Management, 16(2): 1-13.
  • Devi, O.H. (2018). Sustainability of Umang Lais Sacred Grove of Manipur. World Focus, 464:71-77.


  • Devi, O.H. (2018). The Changing Motifs and Vocabularies in Meitei Textiles of Manipur. In Gregory, S.& Chaudhuri, SK (Eds.), Cultures, Identities, Multiculturalism and Beyond (Chapter 10). New Delhi: Rawat Publications.
  • Devi, O.H. (2016). Childhood Experiences and Discourses: An Interpretation. In Marak, Q. (Eds.), Doing Autoethnography (pp. 250-267). New Delhi: Serials Publications.
  • Devi, O.H. (2015). Environmental Legislation. In Khoyangbam, R. S., & Gupta, N. (Eds.), Introduction to Environmental Sciences (pp. 81-95). New Delhi: TERI Publications.
  • Devi, O.H. (2015). “Changing aspects of weaving Culture in Manipur”. In Chakravartty, D.N. & Sarkar, S. (Eds.), Objects, Identities Meanings: Insider perspectives from North East India (pp.1-17). New Delhi: Ambedkar University Delhi.
  • Devi, O.B., Ishani, O. & Devi, O.H. (2013). Demography, Migration and Rural Development: The Manipur Experience. In Das, P. & Dipankar Chatterjee (Eds.), Livelihoods and Health: Issues and Process in Rural Development (pp. 150-161). New Delhi: Serial Publications.
  • Devi, O.H. (2013). Hygiene and Common diseases in the health care systems of a rural village in Manipur. In Das, P & Dipankar Chatterjee (Eds.), Livelihoods and Health: Issues and Process in Rural Development (pp. 428-446). New Delhi: Serial Publications.
  • Contributed 8 units in PG Diploma Sustainability Science, IGNOU (2011).
    • Unit: Introduction to Society and Culture.
    • Unit: Human Ecology.
    • Unit: Sustainability to society and culture.
    • Unit: Environment and Human relationship.
    • Unit: The equity Principle.
    • Unit: Human Rights and responsibilities.
    • Unit: Community Participation.
    • Unit: Responsibility of Homo sapiens towards other living creatures.
  • Contributed 5 modules in UGC-CEC e-content programme, EMMRC Manipur University, National Mission Programme of e-Packaging. (Recorded in 2011)
    • Module No. 43: Concept and Scope of Social and Cultural Anthropology.
    • Module No. 44: Relationship of Social and Cultural Anthropology with History, Economics, Psychology.
    • Module No. 45: Relationship of Social and Cultural Anthropology with Political Science, Linguistic and Sociology.
    • Module 49: Society and Culture.
    • Module 168: Footnotes, reference, bibliography and appendix.
  • Joshi,P.C., Kaushal,S., Katewa,S., & Devi, O.H. (2006). Witchcraft Beliefs and Practices among Oraons. Stud. Tribes Tribals, 4(2):145-149. New Delhi: Kamla Raj Publications.
  • Devi, O. H., Kaushal, S., Katewa,S., & Joshi,P.C. (2006). Dynamics of health and ecology­ - a study of indigenous medicine among the Karang fishermen of Manipur. In Sukant, K Chaudhuri (Ed.), Culture, Ecology and Sustainable Development (pp.137-152).New Delhi: Mittal publications.
  • Devi, O. H. & Devi, P. (2004). Health care practices among tribes of Manipur. In A.K. Kalla & P.C. Joshi (Eds.), Tribal Health and Medicine (pp. 276-282). New Delhi: Concept Publishing House.

Seminar / Conferences


  1. Workshop co-coordinator in a 10 day workshop on Ethnography Workshop for Research Scholars at Ambedkar University Delhi, 11-22 March, 2019, Funded by Anthropological Survey of India.
  2. Organizing committee member, NEF for the conference on “Northeast India and Southeast Asia: Exploring Continuities” 25th and 26th October, 2018 at AUD, Kashmere Gate Campus, Delhi.
  3. Facilitator from the India partner group to the workshop, Public health workforce development in India via online short-courses [16-17 July, 2018] organized by IU-AUD-AUUP-SEEDS collaboration.
  4. Organizing committee member, NEF & CCK workshop on “Material Culture: Contemporary Creation and use” 22 March, 2012.
  5. Organizing committee member, SSRMF (Social Science Research Methods Festival), AUD, 2010. [coordinator Ethnography Session]



  1. Devi, O.H. (2021). A KAP Study on Entomophagy and Entomotherapy in North-Eastern India at Indian Anthropological Congress 2021 “Anthropology: Theory to Application” (21-23) February at the Department of Anthropology, University of Delhi.
  2. Devi, O.H. (2019). Current Trends of North-East Indian Food and Foodways: An insider’s perspective at Indian Anthropological Congress 2019 “Anthropology for Developing India: Pathways to Policy Planning and Implementation” 21-23 February, 2019. Pune University.
  3. Devi, O.H. (2016). “Entomophagy and Entomotherapy: Understanding the folk tradition and knowledge (A study in Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland)” at National Conference on Oral and Expressive Traditions of Indigenous people: Perspectives from Eastern and Northeastern India Region (24 and 25 August, 2016), IGRMS Bhopal.
  4. Devi, O.H. (2016). “Sacred Groves in Manipur: Concepts, meanings and practices” at the Seminar “Conserving the sacred groves in North-east India: Perceptions, Practices and Policy Implications” Organized by IGRMS, Bhopal (4th and 5th March, 2016)
  5. Devi, O.H. (2014): “Ethno medicine: An insight into cultural cohesion and ethnic identity” at 4th National Conference on “Challenges of Traditional Healing Systems and Healers in India: Socio-Cultural, Legal, Ethical, Habitat Conservation and Pharmacological Dimensions”, Society for Indian Medical Anthropology, Mysore, Karnataka & University of Agricultural & Horticultural Sciences, Shimoga from 22nd – 24th May 2014.
  6. Devi, O.H. (2013). “Changing aspects of the weaving culture in Manipur” at Anthropological Congress, INCAA Kerala.
  7. Devi, O.H. (2012). “Migration: Issues and Challenges (A case study)” at Inter-Congress in Anthropology: 2012 (INCAA), Lucknow University, U.P.
  8. Devi, O.H. (2011). “Phoomdis and its Impact: A Socio-cultural System of the Karang fishermen of Manipur” at Inter-Congress in Anthropology: 2011 (INCAA), ASI, Kolkata.
  9. National Symposium on Tribes: Rethinking Paradigms in Anthropology, Delhi (Dec., 2008).
  10. Inter-University Inter-Disciplinary Seminar on Explorations in Anthropology and Allied Disciplines: Emerging Trends and Challenges, Delhi (March, 2008).
  11. Devi, O. H. (2004). “Health care practices among tribes of Manipur” at the National workshop on Emerging Issues in Tribal Health and Medicines held at the dept. of anthropology, University of Delhi.
  12. National Seminar on Peoples of India: Anthropological Perspectives, Delhi (March, 2003).


  1. Devi, O.H. (2020). Changing perspectives of Food Habits: Politics of Food Culture in the ecology of North-Eastern India at International Conference “ Anthropology of Food and Health” , 27-29 February, Department of Anthropology, University of Delhi.
  2. Devi, O.H. (2019). Ethnomedicine: An Insight to Health and Well-being at International Seminar on Writing History on Highlanders of North East India, 6th March, 2019 at Mizoram University, India.
  3. Devi, O.H. (2018). Modernity in Food habits and its implications on Health: A study in north-east India at International conference Northeast India and Southeast Asia: Exploring Continuities” 25th and 26th October, 2018 at AUD, Kashmere Gate Campus, Delhi.
  4. Devi, O.H. (2018). A journey to the practice of Entomophagy : the place of Gandhi Puk in the lives of the people of Arunachal Pradesh at International conference on Northeast India and Southeast Asia: Exploring Continuities” 25th and 26th October, 2018 at AUD, Kashmere Gate Campus, Delhi
  5. Devi, O.H. (2017). “Nature, Culture and Science: Entomophagy in North-eastern India” at the 10th convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS10), 20-23RD July, 2017 at Chiangmai Exhibition and Convention Centre in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
  6. Devi, O.H. (2016): Food and the shared commonalities: A comparative study of NE India & East and South East Asia. INTACH Conference, Shillong (1-4th February, 2016).
  7. Devi, O.H. (2012). “Childhood Experiences and Discourses: An Interpretation” at the congress of IUAES in KIIT University, Bhubaneswar from 25th -30th November 2012.
  8. Devi, O.H. (2012). “Women participation and Environment: An insider’s Perspectives” at International Symposium on Anthropology of Global Issues (1st-3rd April, 2012) University of Delhi.
  9. Devi, O.H. (2012). “A glance at Tipaimukh Dam and People’s movement” at International Seminar on Resources, Tribes and State, (13th -15th February, 2012), RGU, Arunachal Pradesh
  10. Devi, O.H. (2005). “Traditional medicinal practices of the Karang fishermen of Manipur” at International conference on Enrichment of Human Life: Issue and Challenges held at department of Psychology, University of Delhi.
  11. Devi, O.H. (Feb, 2005). Traditional medicinal practices of the Karang fishermen of Manipur at the International conference on Modern Trends in Forensic Science, Bundelkhand University, Jhanshi (Feb, 2005).


  1. Faculty Development Programme (Online) on “Emerging Issues in Social Science Research” (4-8 March, 2020) at the Department of Anthropology, Rajiv Gandhi University, Arunachal Pradesh.
  2. International Faculty Development Programme on “Public Health Communication” (14-16 January, 2019) at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.
  3. Knowledge Conclave for colleges and Universities (January 30 to 2nd February, 2018) organized by CSE, Centre for Science and Environment, at Nimli, Rajasthan.
  4. IGRMS workshop on “Anthropology and Museums” (7-9 January, 2015) for Teachers of Anthropology, Bhopal.
  5. Training programme on “Development of Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs)” (22-26 September, 2014) at NIRD, Hyderabad.
  6. ICSSR Workshop on “Capacity Building Programme for Faculty in Social sciences”, (3-14 February, 2014) at the Department of Anthropology, University of Delhi.
  7. Workshop on the Post-Doctoral Initiation programme, 2nd phase (27-28 March, 2013) at ICSSR-NEHU, Shillong.
  8. Workshop on the Post-Doctoral Initiation programme, 1st phase (21-22 November, 2012) at ICSSR-NEHU Shillong.
  9. Training course on “Social Reality and Methods in Social Science Research”(10 Days) at Manipur University, sponsored by ICSSR, New Delhi (March, 2004).