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Music Society

Music SocietyUniversity has a very vibrant music society named Alankaar whose functioning is facilitated by a convener, co-convener and treasurer. It consists of a group of self-motivated and talented students who collaboratively pursue their passion for making and rendering good music of a wide genre. The academic year of 2018-2019 was quite eventful for Alankaar. The main highlight of the year was the annual fest University@City of the university where the society organized various music events-- Symphony and percussion, Soloist Sang Froid, Consonance and Concordia. In addition to this, the members of society collaborated with the Queer Collective and put up a number of performances in Zeal, organized on the second day of the fest. Alankaar also organized events for the spring fest 2018. The Acappella group represented the society at the Jamia Law Fest where it won the second prize and at the IIAD Acappella Competition.

Fine Arts Society

Fine Arts SocietyKalakriti is the Fine Arts Society of University and it works towards making our university look attractive during events and adding colour and vibrancy to our routine activities here. Over the last couple of years, we have created colourful backgrounds related to specific events. We created graffiti on the wall opposite to the Library and many other places around the campuses and were joined by many more creative minds. We organize Face Painting and Best out of Waste competitions during University@City, which is theyearly fest at University. Apart from this, Kalakriti was also in-charge of the decoration of the campus with banners, paintings, lights and a lot more related to the theme of the festival. During Baardeisikhla, the Spring Fest, the society put up a mini-photo booth and focussed largely on the decorations, which also included Rangolis. 

Theatre Society

Music SocietyThe Theatre Society at Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University Delhi aims at the facilitation of a similar spirit and agency among its affiliates and its audience. Theatre here becomes a transitional space that allows students to make links among the numerous sources of learning a university offers. It is a space to reflect, to question, to experience, to experiment, to express. Performance is understood as an extension of sensibility and perspective, of an aesthetic grounded in the everyday. Honing skills in different aspects of theatre is one emphasis of the society. 

Events in Theatre Society

Dance Society

Dance SocietyPremised on the desire and not the ability to dance, the dance society of University is home to those who find their spirits lifting as they their feet move. The Dance Society came into existence in September 2011 with three members and has grown since with 12 core dancers and many more who spontaneously join as they get caught by the rhythms of their peers’ movements. The society comprises two chapters-- one emphasizing on Theme based contemporary and classical dance, and the other representing a Free style popular genre of dance. The society members include those trained in Ballet, Contemporary, Hip-hop and Jazz as well as those who wish to learn and “just dance”. The Dance Society is gaining a reputation of instrumentalizing flash mobs across the campus, much to the pleasure of students and faculty alike. Recent events of the society include hosting an Inter-university dance competition called Mash-Up at University@city, the University Festival, with more than 12 colleges and universities participating.

History Society

HIstory SocietyHistory Society at Ambedkar University Delhi is a student driven initiative to foreground history’s engagement with past, an attempt to explore the discipline beyond the classroom. It aims to familiarise University community with dialectic between past, present and future. It was in the year 2018 that a bunch of students initiated this endeavour and since then each week has been spent with delight. Events like guest lectures, heritage walks, film screenings, student-initiated discussions and the annual history festival ‘Safarnama’, has enriched both the faculty and students, and marks history’s contribution to the cultural life of University. The Society intends to be an umbrella space for those who love history regardless of their disciplinary training. The overarching aim is to imbibe inter-disciplinary dialogue across campuses of Ambedkar University Delhi. History Society events are the venues to interact with fellow historians. We consistently engage with both popular and academic histories, and our guests range from academics, storytellers, non-fiction writes, poets, singers, etc. So come and be a part of History Society. The only qualification we seek from you is your love for history!
Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Facebook                                                                 Email: historysociety[at]aud[dot]ac[dot]in

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Quiz Society

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