Composition of Internal Quality Assurance Cell is as under:

i.Prof. Anu Singh Lather, Vice Chancellor, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University DelhiChairperson

Ex-Officio Members

ii.Registrar, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University DelhiMembers
iii.Dean, Planning DivisionMembers
iv.Dean, Student ServicesMembers
v.Dean, Research & Development DivisionMembers


Director and Core Team of IQAC

viDr. Salvin Paul, Associate Professor, SLGCDirector IQAC
viiDr. Nidhi Kaicker, Assistant Professor, SBPPSEAssociate Director
viii.Dr. Gunjan Sharma, Assistant Professor, SESAssociate Director
ix.Dr. Manoj Kaumar Assistant Professor, SUSAssociate Director
x.Dr. Geeta Pandey, Assistant Professor, SoLAssociate Director
xi.Dr. Rishabh Mishra, Assistant Professor, SESAssociate Director
xii.Dr. Anushka Singh, Assistant Professor, SLGCAssociate Director
xiii.Dr. Shekhar Tokas, Assistant Professor, SGAAssociate Director
xiv.Dr. Aakriti Grover, Assistant Professor, SGAAssociate Director


Teachers nominated by the Vice Chancellor

xv.Prof, Lawrence Liang, Dean, SLGCMember
xvi.Prof. Rukmini Sen, Director, Centre for PublishingMember
xvii.Dr. Anandini Dar, Assistant Professor, SESMember
xviiiDr. Rohit Negi, Associate Professor, SGAMember
xix.Dr. Alka Rai, Dy. LibrarianMember


Members from the Administration

xx.Dy. Registrar, AES DivisionMember
xxiDy. Registrar, FinanceMember
xxiiDy. Registrar, HR DivisionMember
xxiiiDy. Registrar, Academic Services DivisionMember


Representative of BoM

xxiv.Prof. Poonam Prakash, School of Planning and ArchitectureMember


Representatives of Stakeholders

xxv.Prof. Dinesh Gupta, Punjab University ChandigarhMember
xxvi.Mr. Sudhir KantMember
xxvii.Ms. Sugandha Tyagi, Meltwater (Alumni)Member
xxviii.Mr. Abhishek Mishra, MA Hindi (Student)Member


The term of non ex-officio members of the  IQAC shall be for a period of two years or until their term against the respective category whichever is earlier from the date of this Notification.

The IQAC shall follow the guidelines issued by the NAAC and adopted by the Dr. B. R Ambedkar University Delhi from time to time with regard to its functioning.