Making the Subject Interdisciplinary Explorations

Date:- 23-07-2020 (Thursday)   Time:- 9 AM -5 PM

Call for Papers

A National Webinar for Research Students

School of Human Studies Ambedkar University Delhi

The School of Human Studies is conducting its first national webinar for research scholars. The webinar examines the question of subjectivity from an interdisciplinary perspective. School of Human Studies, Ambedkar University Delhi is an interdisciplinary space which combines Psychoanalysis, Gender Studies, Development Practice and Disability Studies. The question of subjectivity is central to our enquiry and this national webinar.

This webinar invites papers that deal with questions around some of the concerns of the School. The exploration of the question of the subject opened up by the discipline of Psychoanalysis is one such axis. Another one is the construction of gendered subjectivities, an important axis through which the question of the subject can be explored. We also look at issues of ability, citizenship, modernity and development in the making of the subject.

We invite abstracts of around 200 words from research scholars of any Indian university. We need to receive the abstract by 20-July-2020, 5 PM to phdwgs.pc[at]aud[dot]ac[dot]in with clear subject heading “Abstract for National Webinar for Research Scholars”.