AUD Events

150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi
"Talking to Water" Building Narratives on Fluid Heritage"
Workshop on Career in Civil Services
Extinction Rebellion Discussion at SHE
River Stories: Exhibition
Invite: Talk on "Approaches to Public Health: The case of child deaths due to Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES)
Pop Up Kitchen
'THE WORLD BEFORE HER' Play by Izhaar, Theatre Society of Karampura Campus
Approaches to Public Health
SLGC talk on 14th November, 2019 I Cast/e in the sewers
Seminar by Dr Anamitra Roychowdhury
AWAAZ 2019 : Mental Health Challenges in Conflict Zones
Talk: Differential Equations in Complex Plane by Prof. Jugal K. Prajapat
Seminar by Prof. Reetika Khera
Talk: Using Quantitative Methods: The Example of Social Mobility Research
Invitation to an Illustrated Lecture on Puppet Theatre by Anurupa Roy
SPSS ver 26.0 Training for faculty and students of AUD
TALK AT SCHOOL OF DESIGN Between the Self and the Social - Designing the Feminist Space for Mother Artists
Talk and film screening by Harjant S Gill
Blood Donation Camp 2019
Invite: SLGC talk on Polyrhythms of Citizenship by Anupama Roy
SES Seminar by Geetha Nambissan, on Private Schools for the Poor
Seminar Governing through Technology:Command Centers & Big Data in Smart Cities by Dr.Leon Morenas
Poetry Reading, Sumana Roy
Invite: The fifth lecture in the School of Human Ecology Seminar Series by "Prof. P.C. Joshi"
“Teaching Feminisms, Transforming Lives: Questions of Identity, Pedagogy and Violence in India and the UK” under UGC-UKI
Invite: SES Seminar On Education as a Pathway to Social Mobility: by Dr Divya Vaid
Invitation for Friday presentation at SCCE, AUD by artist Sreejata Roy
Invites you to a talk on The (Im)Possibilities of a Hindu Left in Contemporary Politics by Dr James Bradbury
"Mental Health Warrior": a Community Psychology Initiative for World Mental Health Day - School of Undergraduate Studies
Invite: SLGC talk on "Law as Performance: history, law and theatre" by Zuleikha Chaudhari
Interactive Session with Swadhin Sen on Rethinking the Archaeology in Historical Discourses on 'Early Medieval/Medieval'
Debate for CPSH elections
Dr. Michael S. Dodson Seminar: "Ghost Architecture and Modern Heritage in Delhi "