AUD Events

Invites all faculty and staff members to The INDOOR SPORTS MEET
TALK: by Dr Debdatta Chowdhury on Writing the Partition "Living the Border:The Journey from Partition Studies to Border
Invite to Workshop on Methodology, by "Dr Suryanandini Narain" & "Dr Avitoli G Zhimo"
Invites You to interactive session on:Guru Nanak's Journey in the making of Punjab and Kartarpur Corridor Project.
Seminar On Authentic, Indigenous and Global: by Dr. Manish Jain
Workshop on Textual Analysis, 'What do contrastive texts disclose, for example of, of imperialism'
Invites you to Urban Tiffin: "Sensing the City: Non-human Life Worlds" by Shubhangi Srivasatava
Invites you to a talk By Dr. Amit Kulshrestha, Associate Professor, On Word maps on groups
TALK : by Dr. S Subramanian on "Equality and Efficiency: Some Logical Consideration"
TALK: on "Psychosocial Trauma and Identity " by Shobna Sonpar
Career Cell AUD Invites you to a workshop on: "Excel for Social Sciences"
The Psychology Programme,Invites you to a performance of 'Medea' by Pandies Theatre
Invites : Talk by Dr. Samrith Ram on "Singer Cycles and Unimodular Polynomial Matrices over Finite Fields"
Seminar by Dr. Rohit Azad on the topic "Is Imperialism passé? Weakened Labour and Resurgent Capital"
Invite you to a interactive session on Gandhi Fellowship by Piramal School of Leadership.
Invite you to a film screening organised by the School of Development Studies
Invite you the School of Human Ecology Seminar Series speak on "What would a global history of pets look like?".
Invite TALK : By Mrityunjay Tripathi on "Forgotten world of Conventions and Love: Riti Poetry and Poet Dev" ,HSS seminar
Invites you to a Roundtable Discussion on Women and Peace (on the occasion of the International Day of Peace)
"Security and Adventure: Sex, Love and Politics" Talk by Jaya Sharma
Indian Economy: Hurtling Towards a Crisis?
speaker session on "Innovation Systems and Developing Countries" by Sabyasachi Saha PhD(JNU).
Talk by Prof Aditya Mukherjee, on "Approaches to Contemporary History".
Dilliwali- Celebrating the Women of Delhi Through Poetry- Gender Studies talk
Invitation for talk on "Reinventing the Wheel - The Calculus Way"
Invitation for Panel Discussion on Indian Economy on the topic"Indian Economy: Hurtling Towards a Crisis?"
Invitation to an interactive session 'On Archiving Oral Histories
Interaction with Professor Philippe Cullet
SHE Seminar Series | Febe De Geest
Invitation for SDS Seminar With Anirban Sengupta
HSS seminar series at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
The political Economy of Data and the Digital Economy