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Prospective student applies through the online application process for foreign students on the Ambedkar University Delhi (AUD) website:


International Affairs Division and relevant AUD School evaluates the application.


Selection process in absentia for various degree programmes and provisional admission offered to selected candidates before arriving in Delhi


Selected candidates follow due procedures upon reaching Delhi for confirmation of admission to AUD and beginning the degree programme


I. Eligibility for Application as 'Foreign Student' to Ambedkar University Delhi


  1. A person who holds citizenship/valid passport of a country other than India is eligible for admission under ‘foreign student’ category.
  2. A person who holds a valid Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card or Person of Indian Origin (PIO) card and a passport of country other than India is eligible for admission under ‘foreign student’ category.  Any applicant who holds Indian citizenship/passport is not eligible for admission under ‘foreign student’ quota and may not apply for admission according to the procedures outlined in this bulletin.
  3. No applicant may apply to AUD under the ‘foreign student’ quota AND the Indian student quotas (National Capital Territory of Delhi and non-NCT).  Tibetan applicants with Identity Certificates issued by the Government of India (and not holding Indian passports) will be considered foreign applicants only to be admitted under the foreign student quota. 
  4. A non-resident Indian (NRI) and citizen of India whose qualifying degree/certificate is from an international education board (e.g., International Baccalaureate/IB) or a foreign school/HE institution is not eligible for admission under ‘foreign student’ category.  If you are an Indian citizen and your qualifying degree is from a foreign school/board or HE institution, you may not gain admission under the foreign student category.[1]
  5. Admission of any candidate under the foreign student category is considered ‘in absentia’ regardless of whether the applicant is in India at time of application or outside of the country.  That is to say that her/his application is considered according to criteria for admission of foreign applicants and s/he does not go through the admission process (and activities) for Indian applicants.

[1] ‘Qualifying degree’ means the degree/diploma/education credential most recently obtained as minimum education requirement for admission: for Bachelor’s degree, the secondary school diploma; for admission to a Master’s programme, the BA or BSc; etc.

II. Online Applications.

There is no paper application form.  Before proceeding to the online application form please read the INSTRUCTIONS given below AND the information documents designed for foreign applicants that are found at the ‘tabs’ (+) on the admissions pages of specific AUD programmes (BA Hons. Psychology, MA Sociology, MPhil History, or whatever).

Steps for Online Registration

  1. Click on the tab “Online Application Form for Foreign Students”. You will be directed to the application form (page).
  2. Click on "New User Signup".
  3. Enter your valid Email ID.
  4. Re-enter your valid Email ID.
  5. Enter your secret password.
  6. Re-enter your secret password.
  7. Enter your 10-digit mobile number.  If you do not have one, type any 10 digits in the mobile number cell.
  8. Enter the Captcha
  9. Click on Register.
  10. You will receive an email from to verify your email address.

Steps for Completing the Application Form:

  1. Click on the tab “Online Application Form for Foreign Students”. You will be directed to the application form page.
  2. Under the "Registered User Login" enter your registered Email ID as username.
  3. Enter your confidential password.
  4. Enter the Captcha and click on login.
  5. Read the instruction carefully and click “Apply Now”.
  6. Fill all the required information on each page and upload relevant documents and click “Save and Next”.
  7. All fields marked by (*) are mandatory. Filling all mandatory fields is required to make your application complete.
  8. In the window for upload of documents, only photo scan and signature scan will be taken.  ALL OTHER DOCUMENTS required (see section IV. below) must be sent to an email address that is given on the admissions web page.  Incomplete applications will be REJECTED even if you have paid the application fee.
  9. Application process will be regarded as complete only when the application fee/payment has been received by the University.
  10. Please note that no change can be made once an application form is submitted.
  11. The University will not be responsible for any postal delays or loss of documents by postal or courier service.
  12. While filling the online application, if your browser closes unexpectedly or if you are logged out, please use the login credentials to login again and resume the process.
  13. In case of any technical problems and queries, please contact AUD International Affairs Office at “”.

III. Application Fees for Foreign Applicants.

The application fees for foreign applicants are as follows.

  1. Foreign applicants from non-SAARC countries are required to pay an application fee equivalent to USD 200 for applying up to a maximum of two programmes simultaneously at AUD.
  2. Foreign applicants from SAARC countries are required to a pay an application fee of equiv. USD 100.  (Covers application to one or two programmes.)
  3. The amount paid in INR must be according to recognized foreign currency exchange rates. The amount can be paid either online (Credit Card/Debit Card) or on campus via cash/bank draft."
    Application Fee is as Under:-
    SAARC countries - INR 7000 (equivalent of USD 100)
    Non-SAARC countries - INR 14000 (equivalent of USD 200)
  4. Application fee serves as a registration processing fee for provisionally admitted applicants and is not refundable.

IV. List of DOCUMENTS to be sent by email for the evaluation of application.

  • The documents should be in the form of digital scans in Word or PDF format.
  • You may send the separate documents in a zipped folder that includes your surname and the name of the programme: for example, Gates_MA Economics.
  • File names of individual documents/scans should have your surname and a brief description: for example, Gates_BA final transcript; Gates_birth certificate.
  • Applicants to some programmes may be required to upload data-heavy material or digital objects to an online site (Google Drive or the like): see special instructions to foreign applicants found at the programme ‘tabs’ (+).
  • Hard copies of the documents/files shall be examined and validated after an applicant has been provisionally admitted.

    1. Birth Certificate.  If name given in the BC is different from the name on education transcript(s), the applicant must also submit an affidavit/certificate indicating the birth name and the name on education certificates.
    2. A recent photograph showing full face of the applicant.
    3. Document showing the applicant’s completion of 12 years of elementary and secondary schooling.  (Usually the Class 12 completion certificate or diploma.)
    4. Official transcripts/education/degree certificates verified by any one of the following: (a) an officer of the relevant educational institution; (b) an officer of the country’s education ministry; (c) the cultural/education officer of country’s embassy in India.
    5. Research Proposal and/or Statement of Purpose (for M.Phil./Ph.D. and some MA programmes).
    6. Valid Certificate of TOEFL/Academic IELTS/ELPC for applicants whose qualifying degrees are not from an English-medium institution/board.  If the transcripts mentioned in (3) and (4) above clearly indicate that the issuing school/HE institution in general or the relevant academic programme of the school/HE institution is ‘English medium’, then the applicant is not required to provide TOEFL/Academic IELTS/ELPC scores. 
    7. Association of Indian Universities (AIU) Certificate (wherever applicable).  AIU is empowered to validate/certify documents of foreign applicants for a fee:
    8. Proof of financial support for the normal duration of the Certificate/ Diploma/Under-Graduate/ Post-Graduate/ M.Phil./Ph.D. enrolment.  If this cannot be provided at point of application, a provisionally admitted student is required to provide evidence of financial viability once s/he is in Delhi.
    9. Recommendation letter(s) wherever relevant (see the instructions to foreign applicants at the specific programme ‘tabs’ on admissions web page).
    10. Valid Passport. (Please ensure that the passport is valid for at least six months at the time of submitting the application.)
    11. Citizenship card by Nepalese nationals along with Passport (if Nepalese applicant).
    12. Registration Card of Tibetan Nationals (if Tibetan applicant).
    13. Person of Indian Origin/Overseas Citizen of India Card (if applicable).
    14. No Objection Certificate from your employer (if in regular job and availing of leave for the duration of study in India).
    15. Letter of scholarship award from Indian or other government—for instance Indian Council for Cultural Relations fellowship, Commonwealth fellowship.  Applicants with such scholarships or fellowships from governments (or foundations) shall pay AUD tuition fees according to the terms of their awards (full fee waiver, partial fee waiver, or no fee waiver).
    16. Any other document(s) required from the applicant for the evaluation of their application by Ambedkar University Delhi.  See AUD programme-specific documents on AUD admissions website that specify additional or substitute admission criteria for foreign applicants.

    NOTE: Additional documents will be required after provisional admission of an applicant to AUD.  These will include proof of medical insurance (with ‘evacuation’ clause) and appropriate VISA.  Successful applicants will be issued documents by AUD to enable them to obtain a student (or, for Ph.D. scholars, research) visa.  No provisionally admitted foreign applicant will be registered at AUD without a valid visa.

    V. Selection Process.

    1. International applications for degree/certificate programmes at AUD will be evaluated for selection for provisional admission on the basis of the relevant documents uploaded at time of application AND documents/information that might subsequently be requested by an AUD School Dean or Programme Coordinator.
    2. International applications for AUD research degree programmes (MPhil, PhD) will be evaluated for selection on the basis of the research proposal and/or statement of purpose submitted at point of application and a virtual interview process, in addition to the relevant documents provided at point of application
    3. An offer of admission to any applicant is provisional, subject to verification of documents in person upon an applicant’s arrival in Delhi.  AUD reserves the right to withdraw the provisional offer of admission if the relevant documents for application and registration cannot be satisfactorily verified.
    4. Once the provisional offer of admission has been received by the selected applicants, the applicant must apply for an Indian Student visa (in case of taught and M.Phil. degree programmes at AUD)/ Research visa (for Ph.D. programmes at AUD) in the Indian Embassy in the applicant’s home country/country of residence. For more information on visa requirements, please visit  The applicants should await the official AUD admission ‘offer letter’ (with registration number and other information) before applying for visas.

    VI. Tuition fees, other academic charges, other costs.


    Self-financing students admitted through direct admission to AUD.  Foreign student tuition fees and related academic costs (see table below) are paid for an entire study year at once upon their registration at AUD.  In successive years of study they also pay fees on an annual basis.

    Students nominated for admission to AUD by government entities and awarded scholarships/fellowships (for example, Indian Council of Cultural Relations scholarship, Commonwealth scholarship) shall pay AUD tuition and academic fees as stipulated by their respective granting/award organizations: full waiver of AUD fees, partial waiver of AUD fees, no fee waiver.


    Annual Tuition for SAARC Countries Students

    Annual Tuition for Non-SAARC Countries Students

    BA / B.Voc

    Equivalent of USD  900

    Equivalent of USD 1500

    MA and M.Phil/ PhD

    Equivalent of USD  1200

    Equivalent of USD  2000


    NOTE the ‘Additional charges’ such as annual ‘materials fee’ or ‘internship fee’ for BVoc.; MA SCCE programmes; MA Social Design


    Additional Fee


    INR 1000 per semester


    INR 20,000 per semester

    MA Film Studies

    INR 5000 per year

    MA Performance Studies

    INR 5000 per year

    MA Literary Art

    INR 5000 per year

    MA Visual Art

    INR 5000 per year

    AUD presently has a very limited number of hostel/dormitory rooms.  While international students may apply for AUD housing by regular means once they have enrolled at the university, no university housing can be set aside for them in advance.  They should seek private accommodation in Delhi.  International Affairs Division (IAD) shall offer all possible assistance in finding temporary or long-term housing for international students.  AUD cannot serve as guarantor of a housing rental agreement.  AUD can provide documents attesting the international student’s status and financial condition (based on the financial ‘proofs’ the student submits with her/his AUD study application).

    VII. After reaching Delhi. . .


    Upon reaching Delhi, the international applicants offered provisional admission will meet with personnel of the AUD International Affairs Division and other units in order to be guided through admission formalities and registration and to be oriented towards staying in Delhi. The International Affairs Division at AUD (  is  the nodal administrative unit for international students at the university and endeavours to assist them to ensure an enriching association with the university.

    All international students should check the AUD website from time to time and be alert to email and other communications.

    Welcome to Ambedkar University Delhi!