School of Law, Governance and Citizenship (SLGC)


The School of Law, Governance and Citizenship (“SLGC”) at Ambedkar University Delhi offers an interdisciplinary approach to the productive and complex interaction of law, culture, politics and social structures. Rather than treating law merely as a domain of legal practice or as a body of knowledge meant just for lawyers and legal scholars, the School understands law to be a contested terrain of knowledge and practice that is best investigated in a creative and collaborative manner across disciplines.

The study of law has thus far been confined to legal departments or universities and the choice of locating a Masters Programme in law within a social science and humanities university is a self conscious one. The excessive focus on legal formalism has resulted in an emphasis on skill development and an instrumental approach to legal education. While the imparting of legal skill is an essential aspect of legal education, it would be shortsighted to reduce the study of law into a vocational training. AUD believes a study of law is enriched when it incorporates insights from social sciences, humanities and other disciplines.

AUD provides a unique environment to house such a School as the faculty belong to a wide range of disciplines ranging from law to the core disciplines within the Social Sciences and Humanities. The setting up of the school providesan opportunity to reorient the study of law and to create an intellectual home for cutting edge socio-legal research and scholarship.




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