Planning Division

The Planning Division of Ambedkar University Delhi performs a wide range of functions towards the overall development of the University. The Planning Division in its capacity as a secretariat to the Planning Board is envisaged as a central unit which will review the academic programmes. The different activities and functions carried out by Planning Division include formulating development programmes of the University in consultation with its Schools, preparing five year plans with budgetary allocations, organising and planning publications in print on information related to the University, planning and supervising the infrastructure development of the University, preparing and submitting plans for all major funding initiatives and following up these proposals with the funding bodies like the GNCTD and the UGC. In addition it supervises the preparation and printing of the Annual Reports and other information bulletins of the University from time to time.

In the last couple of years, the division has spent considerable time and effort planning for and setting up of a multi campus unitary University. The division also steers the application process for ranking (eg: NIRF), and accreditation frameworks (NAAC), and prepare proposals for the funding schemes of central and state governments (eg: the RUSA). It also acts as a secretariat for Global Initiative of Academic Network (GIAN) related matters.