About Logo


logo The Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University Delhi logo has a tree as the central motif. A tree is an organic system: it is rooted and stands for firmness, poise, dignity, refuge, wisdom and a yearning to reach out to the sky.

But this tree is not just any tree. The particular tree in the logo is a faithful adaptation of the Bodhi tree depicted on a panel in the iconic Sanchi Stupa complex, which is considered an emblematic architecture of Buddhism and dates back to Emperor Asoka’s time. The Bodhi tree symbolizes enlightenment. The choice of the Bodhi tree as the central element of the University logo is in recognition of Dr Ambedkar’s own association with Buddhism as a symbol of liberation. In that sense the tree in the University logo is both a sign of rootedness and of enlightenment. Superimposed on the Bodhi tree motif is a stylised version of a diamond shaped configuration of the letters A, U and D which takes advantage of their unusual rotation symmetry. Liberation through enlightenment is the goal and foundational ethic of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University Delhi and the logo embodies it completely.

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