Music Society

The ardour for music is apparent in musical nights accompanying various academic-cum-social events organized in AUD since the establishment of the University. Lead by a passionate member of the faculty who had personally endeavoured to research and collect long lost music of freedom struggles from different parts of India in an album titled “Underscore Records”, the music society wants to provide a conducive space to express oneself musically within the campus premises. Inspired by music lovers among faculty and students, the Music Society was constituted in September, 2011 with fifteen core members who are trained or being trained in both Hindustani- classical, semi-classical, folk, Malayalam, Bengali, Manipuri etc. and Western soft rocks and raps. Within this sort period, our band “Outbreak” has wooed listeners inside and outside the campus. Also in the pipeline is choir group of about 50 spirited performers. Members have performed in campus events like gender sensitization week, opening ceremony of annual Audacity festival on the themes of ‘breaking stereotypes and peace’ etc. The society also has organized two inter-college music events- solo competition and Symphony and Percussion (group) competition in November, 2012 where 30 colleges from Delhi performed to an uproarious audience.