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Ehsaas- the Ambedkar University Psychotherapy Clinic is an innovative initiative of the School of Human Studies, since 2011.


The Clinic is committed to working with mental illness and training of socially sensitive mental health professionals. At the clinic along with the sliding fee structure we provide low cost and free counseling and psychotherapy to cater to a variety of socio-economic realities of people. The clinic comprises of an Adult, Child and Family Clinic and it provides psycho-diagnostic psychological testing, along with a referral service.


The therapy and counseling clinic becomes a distinctive place where one begins to form a relation with suffering to reach health. Psychoanalysis, as an engaged perspective, locates illness as being human and an engagement with loss as central to move towards healing. In painful experiences the mind loses its capacity to think and feel and the psyche also works to keep out the disturbing feelings. Therapy enables the building of a relationship with the silent and the articulated pain. It augments an individual’s journey in search of self devoted to finding a personal meaning from where seeds of life and dreams of hope emanate.


Hence our promise at Ehsaas is to not only make mental health services accessible to those coming from socio-economic margins but to also offer them a chance for in-depth listening and a provision for an engaged understanding of the life context and an empathic amelioration of their pain and symptoms.


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