Since its establishment in 2008 AUD has explored opportunities for international educational cooperation and signed (bilateral) memoranda of understanding with foreign institutions and negotiated with institutions to establish international student and faculty exchanges, joint degree programmes, research collaboration and educational programme design.

Ambedkar University Delhi’s international partnerships are overseen by the Advisory Committee for International Partnerships (ACIP) whose primary role is to advise and manage the academic agreements between the University and foreign institutions/international agencies for exchange of students and faculty; facilitating collaborative design of learning and research programmes; and assisting visiting scholars, students and researchers as well as AUD members going abroad for study or research.


Specific functions and objectives of ACIP.

  • To assess new proposals for international partnerships with reference to the mission and objectives of the University
  • To effect due diligence on the proposal, the terms of reference of the proposed partnership / collaboration and MoU or other such instruments that are to be executed.
  • To seek legal vetting if needed on the draft MoUs or such instruments of partnership.
  • Advise the Vice Chancellor on an interim approval for the partnership.
  • Engage with the Government of NCT of Delhi for the statutory approval.
  • Make necessary recommendations to the Vice Chancellor with regard to the approval to execute the MoU or such instruments of partnerships.
  • To manage existing relations between AUD and foreign institutions/researchers/faculty/ students and to seek out new opportunities for international cooperation and outreach.
  • To serve the practical needs of foreign students, faculty visitors and visiting researchers at AUD, helping them engage fully and productively in the life of the University. This would include assisting them in securing visas and other necessary clearances, arranging their accommodations and other necessities.
  • To demonstrate to foreign scholars, students, institutions (and international agencies) the unique features and benefits of the AUD educational experience and of Indian educational traditions.
  • To bring an international dimension to AUD community outreach activities.


  • Pro Vice Chancellor (Chair)
  • Dean Planning
  • Dean Students Service
  • Dean Academic Service
  • Two Members from Deans of Schools – SLS and SES
  • One Member of the Board of Management
  • One Member of the Academic Council
  • Registrar



Ongoing Partnerships:


Member of Urban Knowledge Network Asia (UKNA) - consortium

Inter-university collaborative exchange: sharing of research through short-term faculty exchanges among member institutions

2011 Continuing 

2 San Francisco State University 1) Collaboration: research projects of mutual interest;   2) Sharing of expertise on curricula & pedagogy 3) Organizing of symposia, seminars, conferences for joint projects 4) Mutual exchange of resources to further joint collaborative projects 5) Exchange of undergraduate & graduate students 6) Exchange of faculty 7)  Development of joint education programs 8) Development of other activities

9.4.2012 Continuing            


3 The American India Foundation Trust Implementing a Knowledge Partnership pilot project

15-06-2012 Continuing 

4 The University Of Hawai`I Manoa Study Abroad Center Enhance educational processes at respective institutions for faculty to develop courses, teach and conduct research and UHM SAC to offer University based Study Abroad Partnership Program with AUD


5 University of Northampton (UK) To promote 1) Academic exchanges & faculty collaboration in teaching / research, initially and significantly, in social enterprise, 2) Student exchanges, 3) Design & Implementation of academic programmes (Joint programme development, exploration of collaboration at course level, eg the MBA Social Enterprise)


3 years           
6 Bank Street College of Education, New York, USA Collaboration on research projects of mutual interest and benefit; sharing of expertise on curricula and pedagogy, organising symposia, seminars, conferences, and joint projects; mutual exchange of resource for joint collaborative projects; exchange of students and faculty, development of joint educational programmes


5 years            
7 The International Institute of Social Studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam (Netherlands) Foster academic and educational cooperation by 1. Double degree programs: AUD – ISS Master’s Program and Special Certificate course; 2. Exchange of Faculty and/or Research Fellows; 3. Collaborative Research, Lectures, Symposia &Workshops


4 years            
8 Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) Implementation of the R&D project "The state, Globalisation and Industrial Development in India: the Political Economy of Regulation and Deregulation


9 Yale University CECED "Early Childhood Development for the Poor: Impacting at Scale (NIH Study)" 1) To Investigate alternative service provision modes, their scalability & effectiveness relative to previous smaller-scale interventions; 2) To identify mechanisms that determines impact of ECD interventions on child development.




10 Royal College of Art [Curriculum Design for MA History of Social Design] Evolving Best Practices for postgraduate teaching and learning about Design, Culture and Society: Developing curriculum, pedagogy and teaching materials through collaborative, cross-cultural partnership Completed
11 European Union (2013-2017: DCI-ASfE/2012/5 (Partnering institutions: King’s College London; University of Bologna) Enhancing quality, access and governance of undergraduate education in India (E-QUAL)

2013 -2017

4 years      
12 British Academy British Academy International Partnership and Mobility Scheme 2014-2017 – By design: sustaining cultures in local environments. Learning from the Indian handicrafts sector

2014 Continuing

13 Babes-Bolyai Universtiy, Cluj, Romania Exchange of Staff & Students under the Erasmus+ programme


6 years



International institutions with which AUD is collaborating or negotiating: 

  • University of Copenhagen
  • University of Virginia, USA
  • Mendel University, Brno, Czech Republic
  • University of Leicester, UK
  • Université de Lyon 3, France
  • Indiana University, Bloomington, USA
  • AUD contact email: