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Sanju Thomas

Assistant Professor

MA in English Language and Literature, University of Kerala

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School of Letters

Education & Research

Sanju Thomas did her masters in English Language and Literature from the University of Kerala. She is pursuing her doctoral degree from the Centre for English Studies in Jawaharlal Nehru University. Her research is on translation --- its theory and practice, and the cultural, political and gender equations that determine the framework and substance of post-colonial and neo-colonial translation. In her doctoral research she seeks to explore the reasons for the disparity in the reception between Indian English fiction and English translation of fiction from Indian languages.

Past Employment

Sanju began her career with Katha, the publishing house that focuses on translations, and has also worked with the The Little Magazine for which she translated fiction and poetry from Malayalam into English. She has also taught English to senior secondary students for five years. She was a research associate with the Ambedkar University, Delhi before being appointed assistant professor in the School of Undergraduate/Liberal Studies.


1.Ramachandran Sanju, Kerala’s Naxalbari: Ajitha, the memoirs of a Young Revolutionary, Translated from the Malayalam Ormakurippukal by K Ajitha, Srishti Publishers, New Delhi: 2008

2.Ramachandran Sanju(ed.) , Myriad Mirrors: Malayalam Women Writings, Srishti Publishers, New Delhi: 2003

3.Ramachandran Sanju, The Boy who Knew too Much, Translated from the Malayalam Valayunna Vara, The Little Magazine, Volume III, Issue 1, 2002

4.Ramachandran Sanju, The Funeral, Translated from the Malayalam Chakkala, The Little Magazine, Volume III, Issue 1, 2002

5. Ramachandran Sanju, The Thief , Translated from the Malayalam Kallan, The Little Magazine, , Volume II, Issue 6, 2001

Professionl Activities/Awards

University merit scholarship while pursuing the MA course.

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