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Minaketan Behera

Assistant Professor

PhD in Economics, Allahabad University

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School of Liberal Studies

Education & Research


Dr Minaketan Behera received his PhD in Economics from Allahabad University and MPhil in Economics from University of Hyderabad. His doctoral work was on the Forest Resources and livelihood of Forest based people in Orissa: A focus on use of Non-timber forest products. He has five years of field experience in area of Tribal livelihood Issues and Forest Resource Management. He has completed a research project on Changing Socio-economic condition and livelihood of geographically isolated primitive tribal community in kandhamal and KBK district of Orissa sponsored by Planning Commission, Government of India and FDA Evaluation sponsored by Ministry of Environment and Forest.
His research interest includes livelihood issues, Natural Resource Accounting, and Tribal Development.


Past Employment


Prior to joining Bharat Ratna Dr B.R. Ambedkar University, Delhi, Dr Minaketan Behera was working as a lecturer in A.N.Sinha Institute of Social Studies, Patna. He has also worked at Amity University, Noida, as lecturer for more than three years.



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2.“Disparity in Rural-Urban Poverty and Recent Initiatives for Its Reduction in Bihar” in National Seminar on “Recent Poverty Debate In India: Measurement, Issues, and Relevance”, Allahabad, November 20-21, 2010, organised by Department of Economics, University of Allahabad

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7. “Role of women in Joint Forest Management in Orissa” in International Seminar on “Rural women and Empowerment in South Asia” on October7--9, 2004 organized by G.B.Pant Social Science Institute, Allahabad and World Women’s Forum.

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