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Moggallan Bharti

Assistant Professor

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School of Development Studies

Education & Research

  • Submitted PhD. at the Centre for Political Studies, School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University June, 2017. The research is on, “Politics of Social Movements – A comparative study of the Indigenous movement in Bolivia and the Dalit movement in India”. was done with the supervision of Prof. Gopal Guru.
  • Mphil “Study of caste and land relations in Uttar Pradesh and the approach of BSP to the land question” with Professor Gopal Guru, in 2009.
  • M.A. from CPS, SSS at JNU, in the year 2006.

Past Employment

Assistant Professor, Political Science at Gargi College, Delhi University since January 2012 to May 2015.


  • ‘Locating Dalits in the ‘Annihilation of Caste’, published July/ August2005, Insight Journal, Vol. 1, No. 9-10. Also available on
  • ‘Issues of Caste in the Increasingly Class Divided India’, 2008; available on
  • ‘On Khap Panchayats and ‘Honour’, 2009; available here on
  • ‘The Dalit Movement and its Labyrinth’, 2010; available on
  • ‘Need to Redefine Dalit Movement’ – An interview with Dalit Feminist, Rajni Tilak, January 2013, Round Table India; available here on
  • ‘Understanding Dalit Self: Politics and the World View’, published in Social Scientist, New Delhi 45, ½ (Jan-Feb 2017): 33-47.

Book Reviews

  • Review of ‘Dalits in Neoliberal India.’Ed. by Clarinda Still, Routeldge New Delhi 2014. The Book Review, Volume XXXIX Number 4 April 2015.
  • Review titled ‘Reminder of A Dark Past’ of ‘The Hour Before Dawn’ by Ajaz Ashraf, Harper Collins, New Delhi.2014. The Book Review, Volume XXXIX Number 9 September 2015.
  • Review titled ‘Documenting a Fascinating Life’ of ‘BREAD BEAUTY REVOLUTION’, Edited by Iffat Fatima and Syeda Saidain Hameed. Khwaja Ahmad Abbas Memorial Trust in Association with Tulika Books, 2015. The Book Review, Volume XL Number 6, June 2016.
  • Review, titled ‘Holding Mirror to a Social Malaise’ of ‘Maid In India: Stories of Opportunities and Inequality Inside Our Homes’ by Tripti Lahiri


  • Presented a paper based on the dissertation at Punjab University, Chandigarh in a seminar titled, ‘Dalit social mobility in UP and Punjab’ in February 2009.
  • Attended an international scholars meet at Brown International Advance Research Institutes, Brown University, Providence - Rhode Island. USA in June 2013. Whereby, I discussed with other international scholars a working paper on "Study of Neoliberalism, Caste and Economic Discrimination in India".
  • Presented a paper titled, ‘The Problematic of Good Life: Understanding Indigenous People of Bolivia; Dalits in the history of Global Capital’ at Ambedkar University Delhi-Indiana University Joint Symposium cum Workshop August 11-12, 2017.

Professionl Activities/Awards

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