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Akhil Katyal

Assistant Professor

PhD, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, 2011

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School of Culture and Creative Expressions.

Education & Research

PhD, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, 2011

MA English, St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi, 2008

B.A. (H) English, Hindu College, University of Delhi, 2006

Past Employment

  • * Assistant Professor, Department of English, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Shiv Nadar University (2013-2018)
  • * Assistant Professor, Department of English, Ramjas College, University of Delhi (2013)
  • * Assistant Professor, Department of English, St. Stephen's College, University of Delhi (2013)
  • *Assistant Professor, Department of English, S.G.T.B Khalsa College, University of Delhi (2012)



  • * [Books of Poems] How Many Countries Does the Indus Cross (forthcoming The Great Indian Poetry Collective: New York and Bangalore, 2018)
  • * [Book of Poems] Night Charge Extra (Writers Workshop: Kolkata, 2015)
  • * [Academic Monograph] The Doubleness of Sexuality: Idioms of Same-Sex Desire in Modern India (New Text; New Delhi: 2016)
  • * [Co-edited Book] Katyal, Akhil and Dasgupta, Anannya (ed.), 2014, This Unsettling Place: Readings in American Literature - A Critical Anthology (Worldview Publications, New Delhi: 2014)
  • * [Translated Book] The City Within Love tr. of Ravish Kumar’s Ishq Mein Shahar Hona (forthcoming Speaking Tiger: New Delhi, 2018)
  • * [Co-Translated Book] Dabral, Mangalesh, This Number Does Not Exist: Poems, Poetrywala: 2014 and B.O.A Editions: 2016, Co-translators: Arvind Krishna Mehrotra, Christi Merrill, Rupert Snell, Asad Zaidi et al., Hindi to English.

Creative Publications: Poetry/Translations

  • * [Poems] ‘Dehradun 1990’, ‘The Hindus Never Ate Beef*’, ‘Namesakes’, ‘Maruti Swift’, in Hariharan, Githa & Satchidanandan, K. (ed.) Guftugu: Culture Matters, Issue IV, Jul 2016, New Delhi -
  • * [Poem] - 'Indus 3180km’ in UCity Review, Mar 2014, New York, ISSN 2159-5151 & in Earthen Lamp Journal Vol. I Issue II, Special Issue on East and West: Intersections and Juxtapositions, Sept 2013, India -
  • * [Poems] 'It is Paris Again’, ‘My grandfather’, Mar 2016, in Nayantara Premakumar et. al., in Culture Stories: Global Culture, Local Stories, London. -
  • * [Poems] ‘Maruti Swift’, ‘[Varun is Typing]’, 2015, in K., Abhay (ed.) The Enchanting Verses Literary Review, The Enchanted Verses Poetry Press: New Delhi, ISSN: 0974-3057.
  • * [Poems] 'In 1995', 'In the 1.4 MB Floppy Disk', 2016, in Nabina Das and Semeen Ali (ed.) 40 under 40: An Anthology of Post-Globalization Poetry, Poetrywala: India.
  • * [Poems] 'Three Tim Poems', 2014, in Prasanta Chakravarty (ed.) Shrapnel Minima: Writings from Humanities Underground, Seagull Books: India.
  • * [Poem] ‘Girl, when you’, in ‘You too violate 377: Akhil Katyal's poem lays bare India's hypocrisy’, in Daily O, Feb, 2016. -
  • * [Poems] - 'You’, 'For the first few days’, March 2013, in The Literateur, Oxford and London. -
  • * [Poems] - ‘Near Eros Cinema, Jangpura Extension’, ‘For someone who’ll read this 500 years from now’, ‘When Farida Khanum’, Spring 2016, in Mihir Vatsa (ed.) Vayavya, New Delhi and Hazaribagh: India. -
  • * [Poems] - ‘When Farida Khanum sings now’, ‘Chicago’, ‘He was born in 1948’, Jan 2017, in Shandana Minhas (ed.) Breakups: The Mongrel Book of Voices Volume I¸ Mongrel Books: Karachi, Pakistan.
  • * [Translation] - ‘Jab Jawan Thi’, Translation of Dorothy Parker’s ‘Indian Summer’, Oct 2015, in Sumana Roy (ed.) Anti Serious: Laughter in Slow Motion, Kolkata. -
  • * [Translation] - ‘I will meet you again’, translation of Amrita Pritam’s Punjabi ‘Main tenu phir milangi’ in ‘Songs for all lovers: Six poets share their verses on the many ways of belonging’, The Indian Express, Feb 2016. -
  • * [Poem] - ‘My grand-father’ in Piracha, Maryam (ed.) The Missing Slate: For the Discerning Metropolitan, Jul 2014, Slate Publications: Lahore, Pakistan. -
  • * [Poem] - ‘He was as arrogant as a Chattarpur Farmhouse’, May 2017, in ‘Meet the Jangpura Extension Poet’, Hindustan Times, New Delhi. -
  • * [Poem] - ‘Gaza’ in Hall, Tina (ed.) The Original Von Gogh’s Ear Anthology Vol. 9, Fall 2014, New York. -
  • * [Poems] - 'Mihirgulla', 'Identity Card' in Platform, July 2017, New Delhi -
  • * [Poems] - ‘I want to 377 you so bad’, ‘The Hindus Never Ate Beef*’, 2016 (Issue I), in Rashmi Varma (ed.) Journal of Feminist Dissent, pp. 33-34, 117-118. -
  • * [Poem] - ‘When Farida Khanum Sings Now’ in Dec 2015, in ‘This Indian's tribute to Farida Khanum shows how music unites us all’, Dawn, Lahore: Pakistan. -
  • * [Poem] - ‘Jama Masjid, Delhi, 2012: A Ghazal’ in Gene Doty (ed.) The Ghazal Page: The International Journal of English Language Ghazals, Winter 2014, Missouri. -
  • * [Poems] - ‘Windmills’, ‘In Shimla’, ‘Two Memories, Delhi’, ‘Against’, ‘Delhi Summer’, Sept 2016, in ‘Tracing Memories: Six Poems by Akhil Katyal’, Himal South Asian: Fiction and Poetry Feature: Nepal. -
  • * [Poem] - ‘First Week in Iowa City’, Jan 2017, in Obari Gomba (ed.) A Piece of Daily Life: International Writing Programme Anthology 2016, Iowa City: Iowa. -


  • * [Journal Article] 'Laundebaazi: Of Habits and Politics in North India', 2013, in Legg, Stephen and Roy, Srila (ed.) Special Issue Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies, New York, ISSN 1369-801X (print), 1469-929X. -
  • * [Journal Article] 'How the Homosexual Came To Be: A Journey Through Freud', July 2009, in Sharma, Ash and Sharma, Sanjay (ed.) Darkmatter: In the Ruins of Imperial Culture: An International Peer-Reviewed Journal, London, ISSN 2041-3254. -
  • * [Book chapter] - ‘Agha Shahid Ali as Krishna, or, The Limits of the Secular in Kashmir’, April 2013, CSDS Sarai Collective (ed.), Projections: Sarai Reader 09, Delhi, ISBN 978-93-82388-03-6. -
  • * [Book chapter] - 'Gay Writing and The Idea of Doubleness', Dec 2013, in (ed.) Dasgupta, Rohit & Gokulsing, Moti K., Masculinity and its Challenges in India, Jefferson, NC: Mcfarland, ISBN: 978-0-7864-7224-6. -
  • * [Book chapter] - 'The Reascription of Hurt: When Abu Gharaib came to Kashmir', 2012, Kashmir Dispatch, Srinagar, 2014, Ramdev, Rina (ed.), The State of Hurt: Sentiment, Politics, Censorship, Sage Publications: Delhi. -
  • * [Journal Article] 'No 'Sexuality' for All: The Use of Personal Narratives in Contemporary Indian Sexual Rights Movement', in Spring 2010, Schulze K., Harvey R.N., Kraemer A., Tilche A., Unterbarnscheidt M., Zhen W. (ed.) Polyvocia SOAS Journal of Graduate Research Vol 2, London.
  • * [Book chapter] With Brinda Bose and Vaibhav I Parel, ‘Decolonizing the Classroom: In Search of ‘New’ Pedagogies for ‘New’ Literatures?’, 2008, Southern Postcolonialisms, ed. Sumanyu Satpathy, Routledge, ISBN-13: 978-0415480253.
  • * [Book chapter] 'Me, My Mother and a Thousand Ways of Imagining this Fucking Law in Place', 2011, in Gupta, Alok and Narrain, Arvind (ed.) Law like Love: Queer Perspective on Law, Yoda Press: New Delhi, ISBN-13: 978-9380403144.
  • * [Paper] 'Colonial India and Genealogy at Sea', Apr 2015, in Arvind Radhakrishnan (ed.) The Bangalore Review, Vol. III Issue 3, Bangalore.
  • * [Journal Article] 'Notes on Comfort', Mar-Jun 2010, in Soni, Rahul and Kiradoo, Giriraj (ed.) Pratilipi: A Bilingual Quarterly Journal Issue 12, New Delhi.

Professionl Activities/Awards

  • * International Writing Fellow, at the University of Iowa International Writing Program, Fall Semester 2016
  • * Poetry book How Many Countries Does the Indus Cross, Winner of the Editor’s Choice Award from The Great Indian Poetry Collective, 2016.
  • * Poetry book Night Charge Extra shortlisted for the Muse India Satish Verma National Award, 2015.
  • * International Writers Residency, Stockton University, New Jersey, November 2016.
  • * Selected as one of the five best emerging Indian writers after a nationwide competition in Aug ‘14 by The Caravan Magazine and The Columbia University Global Centre in France, and invited to share his work at the Writers of India Festival (Paris, Sept, ‘14).


    Creative Writing: Poetry, Indian Poetry in English and in Translation, Queer and LGBT Studies, Translation Practice and Theory, Critical Theory

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