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Krishna Kalyan Dixit

Associate Professor

PhD. (English Language Education) R. T. M. Nagpur University.

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Centre for English Language Education (CELE)

Education & Research

PhD. (English Language Education) R. T. M. Nagpur University and M. Ed. (ELT: Trainer Development) Marjon/University of Exeter, UK.

Krishna K Dixit has completed PhD on Teacher Motivation for Continuing Professional Development. He has MA in English Literature and MEd in ELT from The College of St. Mark and St. John(Marjon)/University of Exeter. His areas of interest include teacher motivation, history of English language education in India, modern critical theory and bird watching.

Past Employment

Assistant Professor in Yeshwant College of Arts and Commerce, Seloo (R. T. M. Nagpur University, Nagpur) and Gondwana University, Gadchiroli.


  • Padwad, A. & K. K Dixit (2012) Multiple stakeholders’ views on continuing professional development. In R. Bolitho & A. Padwad (Eds.) Continuing Professional Development: Lessons from India. New Delhi: British Council.
  • Padwad, A. and K. K. Dixit(2014) CPD Policy Think Tank – An innovative experiment in CPD thinking. In D. Hayes (Ed.) Innovations in the Continuing Professional Development of English Language Teachers. London: British Council.
  • Padwad, A. and K. K. Dixit (2015) Teacher Initiatives in professional development in India – The ETCs experience. In M. Beaumont & T. Wright (Eds.) The experience of second language teacher education. Basingstoke: Palgrave.
  • Dixit, K., V. Joshi and M. Mane (2015) (Eds.) English Language Education: Understanding Change. Nagpur: AINET.
  • Dixit, K., V. Joshi and M. Mane (2016) (Eds.) Exploring the Learners and Learning of Language. Nagpur: AINET.
  • Dixit, K. K. (2016) Teacher Motivation: A conceptual overview. AINET Occasional Papers No. 2. Bhandara: AINET. Available online at
  • Dixit, K. K. (2016) Towards understanding academic audit in Indian Higher Education system. Selections of NAAC Sponsored National Seminar on Academic & Administrative Audit. Wardha: Yeshwant Mahavidyalaya.
  • Padwad, A. and K. K. Dixit (2017) Teacher classroom behavior and teacher motivation. In A. Matt, D. Da Silva and T. Fellner (Eds.) Language Learning Motivation in Asia. Bristol: Multilingual Matters.
  • Padwad, A. and K. K. Dixit (2017) Coping with curriculum change: An Indian teacher’s perspective. In M. Wedell and L.Grassick (Eds.) International Perspectives on Teachers Living with Curriculum Change. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Professionl Activities/Awards


  • International Association of Teachers of English as Foreign Language (IATEFL)
  • All India Network of English Teachers (AINET)
  • English Language Teachers’ Association of India (ELTAI)
  • Phi Delta Kappan

Recent Projects

  • AINET Teacher Research Project: Exploring Learners and Learning of English supported by IATEFL, Research SIG, UK and British Council, India (2015-16)
  • AINET Teacher Research Initiative – 2 supported by Aptis Action Research Mentoring Scheme and British Council, India (ongoing, to be completed by April 2018)
  • Promoting Teacher Development Groups through Capacity Building of Facilitators, supported by the Hornby Trust (ongoing, to be completed by June 2018)


  • Hornby Trust award for studying Masters programme in the UK at Marjon/University of Exeter in 2006-07.

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