Ipshita H Sasmal

Assistant Professor
E-mail: ipshita[at]aud[dot]ac[dot]in

PhD. (English Language Education), EFL University, Hyderabad

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School of Undergraduate Studies (SUS)

Centre for English Language Education (CELE)

Education & Research

PhD. (English Language Education), EFL University, Hyderabad; MPhil (English Language Education), EFL University, Hyderabad

Ipshita H Sasmal completed her PhD. and MPhil in English Language Education from The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad. She has a Masters in English (TESL) and a Masters in Linguistics. Her PhD research in English language teacher education, proposes a tool for uncovering latent beliefs of ESL teachers about classroom communication. This tool critically examines teachers’ choices and decisions in the classroom through an analysis of their classroom discourse. Her MPhil thesis examined interactive listening strategies of ESL learners based on their language proficiency levels. Her present research interests are classroom interaction, teacher cognition, teacher education, reflective practices and academic listening and speaking skills.

Past Employment

Guest faculty at University of Hyderabad and visiting faculty at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Hyderabad.


  • Sasmal, I.H. (2010). Interactive listening strategies of MBA students: A preliminary study. Languaging, 1,57-73
  • Sasmal, I.H. (2012). Teachers’ Perspectives on the role of Humour in ESL Tasks and Activities: A Qualitative Study. ELTI Rajasthan Journal, 6, 31-34
  • Sasmal, I.H. (2012). The Teaching of English as a Second Language in India and the Teaching of other Indian Languages: Are There Any Fundamental Differences? In A.K. Saini (ed.). Information & Communication Technology in ELT: Prospects and Perspective. Germany: LAMBERT Academic Publishing
  • Sasmal, I.H. (2012). Tasks to develop Reception Strategy Use and Interactive Listening Skills. IJELLS, Vol, 2 (can be accessed from: http://www.ijells.com/vol-1-issue-2-of-ijells-july-2012/)
  • Sasmal, I.H. (2012). Understanding the role of interaction with a Peer/Adult in the language classroom: From Vygotsky to Chomsky. ELTI Rajasthan Journal, 8, 80-83
  • Sasmal, I.H. (2016). Practicing critical reflection: A framework for ELT teacher development. In S. Mohanraj (ed.). Spectrum. Hyderabad, The EFL Unversity (9789380425061)

Professionl Activities/Awards

Member of ISATT International Study Association on Teachers and Teaching

ELTAI: Member of English Language Teachers’ Association of India