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Shelmi Sankhil

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor, School of Letters, Ambedkar University, Delhi

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School of Letters

Education & Research

Sankhil holds Bachelors Degree in English (Gauhati University), Masters in English (University of Delhi), and MPhil in English (University of Delhi). His MPhil dissertation attempted to recuperate the historical identity of the Lamkang tribe from colonial and postcolonial (mis)representations. Considerable attention was given to native philology to trace the origination points of identity-terms meant to represent the tribe across the historical continuum.

Sankhil’s current areas of research are: Northeast indigenous writing in English (especially Naga writing in English); the interactions between literature and philosophy/history; folklore; and translation studies.

His academic interests include comparative religion, fantasy literature, and creative writing.

Past Employment

Prior to joining AUD in July 2015, Sankhil had taught at various colleges of University of Delhi from 2010.


Several poems online.
Topical articles in newspapers, newsletters, and magazines.

Professionl Activities/Awards

My Zone

Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship 2008-2010
NET/JRF 2012